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Rossi: The Decline and Fall of Illinois




By Randy Rossi - 

Anybody who has read Edward Gibbon’s famous book “The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” had to be amazed that the most powerful empire on Earth at the time committed suicide “Through the insidious poison of free bread and circuses” as Edward Gibbon explained.

Today we would call that “poison” government welfare and the government’s endorsement and support of immoral activity like making pot legal and increasing abortions which is just like the Roman gladiator games which slaughtered tens of thousands of humans for fun and entertainment.

Eventually Romans quit working and focused on that immoral behavior and brought in Barbarians to do the work efor them right up until Rome became bankrupt and the Barbarians took over. Any rational person has to ask “How could the Roman people and Roman politicians be so stupid?”

Now scroll 1600 years later and we are watching the people and politicians of Illinois following Rome’s path to suicide. Illinois is the most bankrupt state in America with the lowest bond ratings of any state.

We are also the most corrupt state in the Union according to the FBI. And residents and businesses of Illinois are fleeing the state because of our insanely high real estate taxes which are crushing the value of our homes. The key to this bankruptcy and corruption is a repeat of Rome’s “Insidious poison of free bread and circuses." Alex de Tocqueville warned us of this disaster when he said “Democracy can exist up to the point when politicians realize that they can bribe people with their own money."

Illinois Democrats have been giving away welfare to addict the people of Illinois to free stuff to get reelected for decades and now the bill is due. Hoping to distract the people of Illinois, they want to make pot legal and get extremely liberal women to vote for them by making Illinois the abortion capital of America. Killing humans in gladiator games in Rome is not as bad as killing 62 million human babies through abortion!

One would think that honest and responsible politicians in Illinois would focus their attention on correcting these critical problems and saving Illinois from disaster right? Nope. Illinois politicians have focused on making pot legal and making late term abortions right up to birth legal while also trying to raise taxes to provide more “ Free bread and circuses” to the masses. Brilliant right? Sounds exactly like what the Roman Empire’s politicians did right up until the tragic collapse of the Rome.

It is easy to blame our corrupt Democrat politicians in Illinois for this disaster but I am sorry to say that we have to hold ourselves accountable for this disaster. “We the people” voted in these horribly destructive politicians either by voting for them or by not bothering to do our duty and vote. This is perfect proof of Edward Burke’s warning about apathy when he said “All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”. The percentage of voters in Illinois who don’t bother to vote at this critical time is simply stunning.

There is only one way to change Illinois’ path to collapse and that is to “flush the toilet” in Springfield” and replace these corrupt politicians with honest politicians that care more about our state then being reelected and making more money at your and your kid’s expense. To keep reelecting these corrupt Illinois politicians is the perfect example of Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Reelecting the same Democrats that put us at the edge of disaster would be insane! As Einstein also said “You can’t solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it”.

The state of Illinois is on the brink of disaster and in an emergency and “tough love” is required. Let’s hope that Republicans step up at this critical time and aggressively explain how much danger Illinois is in thanks to Democrats and how they can get us back to the path of prosperity. And then “We the people” need to do our jobs and vote intelligently to save “The Land of Lincoln”.


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  1. Except that Republicans are nearly as culpable as the Democrats. Just look how many recently voted to increase the gas tax. You can’t turn to Republicans and expect them to save this state.

  2. Isn’t IL home to Wheaton College, Moody Bible Institute and Willow Creek Church?
    If you watch what’s coming from any of those you see that they no longer offer any path forward, but rather react to (and often in line with) the leftism that is destroying IL.
    So much for the Evangelical sect withing the Christian Church. It was always an idolatrous one, and by their fruits they are known.

  3. You are wrong. You don’t need to elect the right people , because you will never have the right people. You need to create incentives for the wrong people to do the right thing. For example, change the constitution so that if there is any money left in the treasury after all the bills and obligations are paid, the Congress-critters split the cash. Bammo! Suddenly the wrong people are cutting spending because they want that cash.

  4. Chicago (let’s face it, the root of all evil away from the coasts) has been a den of iniquity for at least a century.
    Gary Krist’s “City of Scoundrels: 12 Days of Disaster that Gave Birth to Modern Chicago” describes basically the same city we see today, 100 years later.

  5. Unfortunately, the rascals won’t be replaced. Too many people agree with the idea that the rascals need to be replaced, but add the caveat “but my rascal is doing a good job.” So they will never be replaced.

  6. “…[H]onest and responsible [Illinois] politicians …” That’s a good one!
    Illinois is, I believe, the only state that ever had two of its governors in the Federal pen at the same time. (Maybe Louisiana did, too. That’s some great company.) Since 1970 or so, four governors (Kerner, Walker, Ryan, and Blagojevich) have been guests of the Attorney General. During the same time period, over 70 Chicago aldermen have gone to prison, and four are out on bond at this moment. So hoping for action from honest and responsible Illinois politicians is like asking Santa for a pony.

  7. “There is only one way to change Illinois’ path to collapse and that is to…replace these corrupt politicians with honest politicians“
    Great idea. Now quit smoking dope and face up to the fact that you are not going to do that.
    Just like my state of Hawaii, any Republican, Libertarian, or conservative who thinks they have the slightest chance of taking over the state legislature might as well be stuffing their faces with peyote. It isn’t going to happen. Illinois, California, Hawaii, and several other states are going down the toilet because the VAST majority of the voters want the pro-flush policies.
    Either resign yourself to accepting the consequences or accept that you need to relocate.
    Relocating will play into the hands of the irresponsible voters and their politicians, of course, by further reducing political opposition. So what? You aren’t going to beat them, so either join them at the trough or get out.

  8. It is a political impossibility to flush Springfield. Such recommendations are becoming naivé to the point of farce or irresponsibility. But there are things that can be done that even a significant minority can do to effect quick change. Avoid the toll roads. Go out of state once a month or more to make purchases. Tanker gas when you go out of state. Just bring a couple 6 gallon gas cans. Avoid sales taxes by buying online from small retailers. They usually don’t collect the tax. Illinoisans could choke the pig.

  9. Ain’t nothing immoral about ceasing the racist and fascist war on drugs. It is immoral to tell people what they can or cannot do with a plant. I’m sure I’m not going to win the abortion debate here either, but women aught to be in control of their bodies and if they wish to terminate/kill that which is growing inside of them then they aught be allowed to do it safely and privately. Yall war mongerers don’t mind dropping bombs on little kids in Yemen/Syria/Iraq/Afghanistan/Iran/Palestine/Vietnam/ and other non-specific urban environments within the US, etc, etc, so let mama make a choice about who she wants to bring into this world we got going on here.
    Anyway, Illinois sucks. Stop raping your citizens of wealth and learn how to balance a checkbook.

  10. I’m a Central Illinois native, and I’ve watched both Republicans and Democrats grow government massively over my lifetime! Both parties eagerly cooperate to centralize state power, warmonger and generally destroy liberty. Just as bad, both have grown disgustingly hypocritical over the years.
    It sounds like you’d be perfectly fine with a massive, domineering government every bit as overzealous as the current Leftist-dominated variety – as long as it adhered to YOUR individual theology and served to punish the things of which you disapprove.
    You mention Cannabis several times in the same breath as abortion (and inanely, ‘gladitorial games’) which is a blatant and ludicrous attempt to emotionally conflate two diametrically opposed issues! The former concerns individual liberty and the personal recreational choices of consenting adults; the latter is wholly involuntary infanticide!
    You were right about a couple things: “‘We the people” voted in these horribly destructive politicians…” and “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Remember that last adage as you make your “choice” between Uniparty candidates at the polls!

  11. “Killing humans in gladiator games in Rome is not as bad as killing 62 million human babies through abortion!”
    The author is apparently unable to distinguish between actual living, breathing human beings and microscopic blobs of ectoplasm, which he insists on calling “babies”. Pretty silly.

  12. While I find the basic premise unassailable I see nothing here that is remotely practical, actionable. “Flush the toilet in Springfield” is not actionable.
    Knowledge is power. Perhaps you should start by reporting (in a factual, non-partisan way) what’s going on in the Legislature and by providing space for knowledgeable insiders sufficiently alarmed by Illinois’ slow drift towards the rocks to share what they know. Chicago’s and Cook County’s politics deserves similar treatment.
    You might also dispense with polemics. Words like “liberal” have been rendered meaningless, reduced to slurs by Limbaugh and Coulter; “conservative” by inane, hypocritical, spendthrift Republican politicians, congresses and administrations. Never forget for a moment that it was an Illinois Republican congressman who laid the groundwork for the 2008 Financial Crisis. This, followed by the fiscal catastrophe crafted by Ryan, Toomey and McConnell, the spuriously titled the “2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act”. Conservative Republican hypocrisy to its marrow, why I will never vote for a conservative Republican again.
    I would go so far as to change your e-publication’s title. Drop “Conservative”. Replace it with something less toxic and deceitful given the times. Like “Independent”. Or “Observer”.
    Of course, you will do none of it. Much easier to whine and complain, rant and rave, point fingers at “Democrats”, “liberals”. And it takes work. Conservatives are rather lazy, I find.

  13. Sent from my iPhone
    Begin forwarded message:
    From: Carl Segvich
    Date: June 8, 2019 at 10:06:07 AM GMT+2
    To: Carl Segvich
    You don’t seem to get it. Or you don’t want to see the filthy truth, or perhaps do not want to report this hugely enormously filthy truth.
    You write very well, make good analogies to the Roman empire and recite good quotations. You also make a good point about the stupidity and abdication of responsibility of “we the people“. However you don’t seem to get THEE problem. It is an inside job.
    The Democratic Party establishment is run by Democrats.
    The Republican Party establishment is run by Democrats.
    The dice are loaded against we the people, and the only way to get America back just by having “we the people“ storm the ballot box the likes of which never ever been seen in our United States of America.
    The two party political system is ENTIRELY rigged!
    FOR EXAMPLE , most of the other 79 fellow Republican committeemen in Cook County, ARE IN FACT DEMOCRATS, and were planted there years ago by Michael Madigan and JOHN DALEY , Ed Burke,etc.
    When I say “double agents” I am not talking figuratively. I am talking literally. You know, like a James Bond 007 movie.
    I N F I L T R. T I O N
    Illinois will continue to get worse. It is impossible to beat Democrats while their double agents are sleeping in our Republican bed.
    The public has not even a remote clue of what I just wrote here. Very extremely few people know about the fact that we are INFILTRATED.
    – Carl Segvich, Chicago Republican Committeeman-11th Ward

  14. I am a conservative Republican in downstate Illinois and our county is mostly Republican, but we always get out voted by the corrupt liberal cook county area politicians. Our vote really does not count. In Springfield they are just puppets of Chicago, that is who is running the state. Get Manigan out of Springfield! Land of Lincoln we are no longer ger, so sad!! Another sign of the end times, right before the RAPTURE OF THE TRUE BODY OF BELIEVERS IN THE ATONING WORK OF JESUS CHRIST TO DIE FOR OUR SINS. HAVE MERCY AND GRACE UPON US, I BELIEVE JUGDEMENT IS COMING AND SOON!

  15. It’s “Madigan”, not “Manigan”.
    Michael Joseph Madigan, Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives.
    Most powerful politician in Illinois many say. I believe it.
    Longest-serving leader of any state or federal legislative body in the history of the United States, many also say. I believe that, too.
    Did you know that?
    I didn’t.
    In fact, I thought that rather dubious honor went to Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md). Twenty terms in the U.S. House of Representatives. Almost forty years. But not almost forty years in a leadership position.
    “Often wrong but never in doubt …”, but I digress.
    Madigan evidently found his niche and just kept going and going like that proverbial pink Energizer bunny afterwards. Must be doing something right to have survived for so long in such a Hellious place; unscathed, too. Untouched by cannibals. To have made so many enemies for so many years yet to have outlasted them all. Which is why I find “getting him out of Springfield” a bit more problematic than getting stains out of a shirt collar. If bleach doesn’t work try flame?
    As for the rant at the end … every day is Judgement Day, my dear. Every minute of every hour of every day, actually.