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Thorner: Extremism leads Democrats’ Path to Communism




By Nancy Thorner - 

It is possible to have Socialism without Communism, but it’s a fine line with the latter denoting totalitarianism. Confusion exists because there are socialistic societies that aren’t tyrannies, such as in Scandinavia. An example of pure Socialism was the kibbutzism, as were the commune hippies created in the  60's. Neither lasted because they go against human nature. The only way for the system to last is to morph into Communism, wherein the dictators can force Socialism down the throats of the people.

Travor Loudon, an author, filmmaker, and public speaker from New Zealand, who for more than 30 years has researched radical left, Marxist, and terrorist movements and their covert influence on mainstream politics, views Socialism as an euphemism for communism (two peas in the same pod), because both lead to tyranny. 

Loudon in his Beginner's Guide to American Communist Parties published Feb. l3, 2019, speaks of two American "lefts":  1. Communists willing to work with and inside the Democratic Party to achieve their goals and 2. Communists who regard the Democrats as a hopelessly “bourgeois” capitalist party, designated as the Communist Party USA. 

Loudon considers the first group, the Democratic Socialists of American, founded in 1981, as the most dangerous of the American left.  It is also the largest Marxist organization in the U.S. and is fully entrenched within the present Democrat Party. The DSA helped establish the Congressional Progressive Caucus in 1991 with longtime ally Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and successfully elected hundreds of Democratic Party officials, many local politicians, and several Congress members.

Currently serving Reps. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.), Danny Davis (D-Ill.), and Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) have all been dues-paying DSA comrades at some point. In the last election, the DSA assisted the election of more than 20 local and state officials and two additional Congress members, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.). 

As of now the DSA has more than 200 chapters in all 50 states, giving the DSA the ability to penetrate the Democratic Party in almost every state. It also has a religious commission that features many pastors, church officials, theologians, and religious academics who vigilantly indoctrinate malleable minds that Christianity and socialism go hand-in-hand. DSA is also huge in colleges.

Loudon on immigration

As to the failure of Congress to fix the immigration law and allowing tens of thousands of illegal aliens to cross the southwest border every week, Mr. Loudon, in an interview with the Epoch Times on May 29, 2019, called the failure "an orchestrated, communist assault on America, to destroy America’s borders, to create confusion in America, to overwhelm the system politically." 

Loudon further states: "Because America is [the communists’] main enemy, and if you can’t bring it down through nuclear weapons, you bring it down through illegal immigration, which is maybe just as effective in the long run.  You can see what 15, 16, 20, 25 million new Democratic voters is going to do to this country. You will lose Texas, you’ll lose Florida, you will lose Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina. There will never be, ever, another Republican or conservative president in our lifetimes. You will have a one-party state in America. And that is the plan. That is why they are doing this. This is Marxist. This is Leninist. And this goes back to American politicians cooperating with hostile foreign powers in the destruction of America."

 Form of Socialism already exists in America

Many Americans do not realize this nation already has a form of Socialism reflected in Social Security, Medicare and welfare. It was FDR who introduced Socialism in a big way. Obama tried to force even more of it on us when the Affordable Care Act.  When considering what Socialism has done to Venezuela, how is it that so many Americans are unable to grasp the fact that Socialism makes no sense. It is impossible for a government to provide free everything for everybody, at least for any length of time, because its sole source of money is the compulsory over-taxation of the productive for the sake of underachievers.  In addition, it inevitably leads to the loss of liberty and to tyrants like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, Chavez and Maduro assuming control of their lives.

On top of all that, Socialism demands that human nature itself be turned on its head.  Since the days of cavemen, humans have competed for the warmest caves, the tastiest parts of dinosaurs, the most attractive mates, the most money, the largest office, the greatest honors, the fastest cars and the biggest homes.

In short, Socialism works perfectly only in the delusional heads of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. The built-in problem faced by Socialists is summed up by this old saying: “When the only tool you own is a hammer, every problem begins to look like a nail."

Existence of a dichotomy

In that Socialism is so bad for the people and the economics of nations where it exists, how can it be, according to a Harris poll for "Axios on HBO" released on June 12, 2019, that four in 10 Americans say they would prefer living in a socialist country rather than a capitalist one, despite 49% understanding that it is a system dependent on dictatorship.  Women are particularly more likely to like that option, with 55 percent of females between the ages of 18 and 54 preferring to reside in a socialist country, while the majority of men prefer to live in a capitalist country. 

The Harris poll is in line with a Gallup poll of April 2019. 43% of Americans believed socialism is good for America. 

 The Gallup survey also found that

  • Nearly 30% of Americans want government distribution of wealth,
  • 35% want government responsibility for wages,
  • 33% want government control over the economy.

Socialism describes Left's agenda

Since World War I, America has been on the slippery slope toward socialism. The goal of Soviet Russia was to infiltrate American values with the destructive social goals of the Communist Manifesto. Former Soviet KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov, who defected from the Soviet Union in 1970, was interviewed in 1985 about Soviet infiltration methods. Watch the interview here. He said that by 1970 the Soviet Union already had infiltrated the US through brainwashing left-leaning people in the news media, entertainment, politics, business, education, and religion.

Robert Knight in his column of May 20, 2019, Rejecting the Marxist Version of the Constitution, presents the following further insight into the impetus for the Left's Socialist agenda: agenda:  

“When the workers of the world failed to unite and trigger economic upheaval in the 20th century, the left adopted a different strategy. Communist theorists Antonio Gramsci, Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School saw that a cultural revolution, including educational indoctrination and media propaganda, could weaken society and lead to political revolution. That's why the left embraces pornography, abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage and now transgenderism. It all works against a family-based culture whose members are far less likely to fall for the left's promises of "free stuff.”

In keeping with the Left's goal to destroy family-based culture, the Equality Act was passed in the Democrat-controlled House, elevating homosexuality and transgender sexual orientations above religious rights, even to the point that girls would have to share showers and bathroom facilities with men, and churches would be forced to support the LGBTQ agenda or face prosecution, is in keeping with the Left's goal to destroy family-based culture.  

Although Bernie Sanders was the only advocate of Socialism in the 2016 presidential race, in the 2020 presidential race several Democrat presidential candidates are openly pushing for Socialism through the promise of "free stuff" as their leading agendas.  Bernie Sanders is promoting socialist policies like “Medicare for All,” the “Green New Deal,” free college tuition, and the $15 minimum wage, which are being endorsed by other Democrat candidates including Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), without any thought that the consequences of Socialism is poverty and oppression. 

Where the Left is heading

The Democrat Party is being hi-jacked by the Democrat Socialists of America.  Although extremism has gone through a number of transformations over the past half century, today those most likely to label their political opponent as such are Socialists.  How often have you heard the following statements made?

If you believe that people who attempt to sneak across the border, putting their children or, more often, other people’s children at risk, are the bad guys and that those trying to protect our border are the good guys, you’re an extremist.

If you think it makes far more sense to be concerned about the votes being cast by non-citizens and by those refusing to use photo I.D.s to identify themselves than to worry about Russia meddling in our elections, you’re an extremist.

If you think there is something screwy about our schools, which are otherwise religion-free zones, indoctrinating our young people with the madness of Islam, you’re an extremist.

If you think that when it comes to college admission, there is something vile about tossing out academic criteria in order to accommodate undeserving minority students, you’re an extremist, as well as a racist and a bigot.

If all you do is believe that Mother Nature, and not man, controls the weather, that’s more than enough to get branded an extremist.

In an America that neither Barry Goldwater nor John F. Kennedy would recognize, Communism, not commonsense, currently is making headway in this nation.  The future of this nation could very well hinge on the 2020 election. Will common sense prevail? If not this nation will cease being a Democratic Republic with freedom for all for those who follow.


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  1. Great article Aunt Nancy on Socialism and Communism creeping into the fabric of America. I understand with the politicians, it has always been about power, so this warped form of government gives them the most power. But, the only way these politicians, pushing Socialism and Communism can achieve their goal of complete domination is to entice American citizens (and illegals) to vote them into office. What it comes down to in my mind is there is a fast growing number of Americans citizens who are perfectly fine with not working to make their lives better, but to steal from those who do work. These people are basically envious of people with better jobs, better cars, better houses, better”stuff”. It really is that simple for many leaches living in this country. I am 100% behind Trump now and in 2020, but what about in 2024? I feel with the attitude of so many Americans gravitating towards Socialism and Communism, our great country will eventually succumb to this tyranny. I may not be in my lifetime but unfortunately will be in my kids and future grandchildren.