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Duckworth urges donations to Kentucky Dem to oust Mitch McConnell



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CHICAGO – Illinois' junior Democrat Tammy Duckworth isn't just voting with the radical Left in the US Senate, she's actively promoting a challenger to oust US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Democrat Duckworth says she's "so excited about" is Kentucky Democrat Amy McGrath, who announced her bid Tuesday to oust McConnell in 2020.

McGrath raised $2.5 million on the first day of her campaign to challenge Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in Kentucky. McGrath's campaign told NBC News that more than $1 million came in in the first five and a half hours after the campaign launched.

Duckworth sent out an email encouraging Illinoisans to donate to McGrath. From Duckworth's email: 

Amy is exactly the kind of badass I need by my side in Washington. She’s a Veteran, a pilot and a mom with young kids — no wonder we get along so well!

As Senator, I know Amy will work for our shared goals: Ensuring that all Americans — no matter how much money they make — have access to good healthcare. Supporting our service members from the moment they put on their uniform to long after they transition into civilian life. And investing in working parents and our children’s education.

Like I said, Amy is our best chance to beat Mitch McConnell, but this is still going to be an incredibly tough campaign. Amy needs to start strong if she’s going to win. So I’m asking you:

Split a $3 donation here and be among the first to show your support for Amy McGrath’s campaign.

Amy knows more than most that we don’t need to choose between looking out for our troops overseas and caring for our families here at home. She will be an important ally in the Senate, so thank you for helping her campaign start strong.


Tammy Duckworth

McConnell says he is set on maintaining his party's 53-47 control of the US Senate.


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  1. Of course she is after him. she is an anti-Christian and anti-conservative hater. She is also anti-religious freedom. I wrote her insisting she vote in opposition of HR 5, the so-called Equality Act. Her response was terse and rude, her contempt for our constitutionally protected free exercise of religion was obvious. She swore an oath to uphold the US Constitution, she is not a honorable US Senator. I have zero respect for this tyrant! Here is the comment I sent her.
    “I have great displeasure with the congressional house democrats for passing HR 5, the “Equality Act”. This proposed bill should have never made it to the floor of the house for a vote; as it denies Christians religious freedom. The first amendment states in part; Congress shall make NO law prohibiting the free exercise of religion. With the proposed “Equality Act”, the house democrats passed a bill that restricts the free exercise of religion. What’s at risk for Christians; the short list is Churches would be forced to host same-sex ceremonies and possibly lose tax-exempt status for noncompliance. If you are a Christian business owner, you will lose your religious right of conscience. Christian bakers, for example, will be forced to bake same-sex wedding cakes. To true Bible believing Christians, lgbt behaviors and same-sex marriage are sins. When the federal government can tell you by way of “The Equality Act” what you can’t honor in the Bible, then there is no free exercise of religion. While we all sin and fall short of the glory of God, to be a true Christian, one must strive to have faithful obedience to God’s word. The Bible says, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4:17). While sin is a personal act, we Christians have a responsibility for the sins committed by others when we cooperate in them; like by participating or supporting them. The federal government would force Christian business owners to sin or be out of business, if HR 5 becomes law. You cannot separate freedom of worship, right of conscience, and freedom of speech without denying Christians the free exercise of religion. Yes, we as Christians are instructed to love our neighbor, but we are not to love our neighbor’s sins. This proposed bill is designed to trick people, by use of the words “equality act”, to make us think it’s about race when the truth is it is about special privileges for lgbt and religious persecution. Several years ago, about 150 genetic scientists from around world mapped the human genome and didn’t find a lgbt gene. Genes determine skin color, there is no scientific proof lgbt behaviors have a genetic causation. The lgbt “born that way” claim is liberal ideology and not objective, evidence-based science. All behavior is a choice, unless a mental disorder or mental illness is involved. One stated purpose of the federal government is to secure and protect our rights. Congress can’t lawfully dilute our constitutionally protected religious freedom by enacting a federal statute. If the federal government can change the US Constitution with a federal statute, then what’s the point of the US Constitution and article V? The US Constitution is the supreme law of the land and obeying it is not optional. Congress knows well Article V of the US Constitution must be used to amend the US Constitution, not a federal statute. HR 5, the Equality act, is outside the scope of powers granted to the congress because if enacted, it will effectively abridge the King James Version of the Bible and religious freedom. The free exercise of religion is a basic human right, which is constitutionally protected from government. HR 5 is an attack on religious freedom, it and all like-minded bills must be voted down by the US Senate for being religious persecution.”
    I sent it to Sen Durbin too, even though I requested a reply, I have received none. Which tells me he will vote to water down our religious freedom, just like Duckworthless

  2. Simply terrible that Illinois has two poor quality US Senators.
    Duckworth owes her career to Durbin who seems to instruct her on all of her moves. It was a long term investment to promote Duckworth which involved moving vans since she relocated several times before a district (the 8th) was gerrymandered to allow her election to Congress. When she made her first Congressional race, after moving into the 6th District, she was beaten by Peter Roskam.
    Her rabid pro-abortion stance seems odd given that she spent so much time in fertility clinics in order to become pregnant at an advanced age.

  3. Equating McConnell with “scum” and Democrats is mindless, and is the kind of attack that could keep GOP voters home instead of voting. His savvy political maneuvering has put a record number of judicial nominees on the federal bench, including Gorsuch and Kavanaugh, and he kept Garland off SCOTUS. His record is admirable and he has earned reelection and support of conservtives.