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MUST HEAR: Chicago pastor scolded by an hysterical Rep. Ilhan Omar



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CHICAGO – Chicago's Pastor Latasha Fields told her story – a powerful testimony given June 19, 2019 in the US House Budget Committee and was immediately scolded by a Democrat Congress woman. 

"I wanted to reverse the plague," Pastor Fields said, and she is now leading the way for others in the Chicago area.

"You don't have to rely on government," she said. "It's something we teach our children." She and her husband learned trade skills, she told the committee. 

Her testimony was blatantly challenged by Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who told Pastor Fields she can't pray her problems away.  Omar said she was appalled to hear about America's exceptionality, because America is not charitable.

A must listen-to … 


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  1. I think this video could be doctored. The comments of the respondent are not consistent with the pastors comments. Also, the decor of the room appears to be different. Please investigate and remove if appropriate.

  2. Omar is still Muslim, why did she leave her Islamic country to immigrate to the US? We can thank 8 years of Obama for this kind of rhetoric from muslims.
    Omar, wants a communist type of govt, she is evil

  3. I am having doubts if in fact this is from the same congressional meeting. Pastor Fields has very valid points about being raised by a grandmother and excelling in her education by attending a trade school. Even her passionate declaration of not aborting her child was okay, but it didn’t match up with Rep. Omar’s response? I think that their appearance were edited for readers to paint Rep. Omar as a racist or as a liberal extremist; which is NOT!!!

  4. This video was not “doctored” at all. It was EDITED only to include the segments of the testimonial and the rebuttal/rebuke of the Congresswoman. There’s a longer and more in-depth version on YouTube, but this version was NOT “doctored” in the sense that it’s altering/subverting what was said or done.