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Question: Is this Squad video racist, too?



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This week, Illinois Democrats and Illinois Republicans both agreed to condemn the Illinois Republican County Chairmen's Association for a meme posted on Facebook by a volunteer. The posting and deletion was picked up by the Leftist Media worldwide. We're not kidding – it came up on Alljazeera News, New York Post, and Washington Post among a myriad of other sources.

And don't forget – Republican officials blasted the meme as racist and very, very negative for Illinois' political climate.

Our question about the Gary Varvel cartoons was not answered by those we asked. An op-ed written by IR reader Rich Compton stirred phone calls from one outraged lawmaker. 

Still, no peep from them about the Trump-hating Snoop Dogg taxpayer-subsidized concert at the State Fair next month. 

So, we ask again, would this video from the Trump War Room be racist, too? 


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  1. Now that most of the lunatic Democrat presidential candidates have had to attack Biden by going after Obama, does that make THEM “racist” too?
    For years, any Republican who dares to question any Obama policy was labeled as “racist,” so WHY NOT THEM as well?