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Do you trust the political news you’re getting?




"Do you trust the political news you are getting?"

If you don't, relax. You're not alone. When Rasmussen Reports asked 1000 people that question last week, 54% said they do not trust the political news they're getting. 32% said they trust it and 14% didn't know.

Rasmussen doesn't define where the poll responders live, but we're speculating that if that question was asked among 1000 Illinoisans, the numbers would be the same, if not higher. 

The Chicago area newspapers clearly hate President Trump, diminish, mock or ignore conservative candidates and activists, and gush, publicize and adore Leftist candidates and activists. Their influence is almost impossible to battle and difficult to match. And that's the way they like it. 

Even conservative lawmakers do everything possible to please small-time political news sites that are clearly funded and populated by conservative and Trump haters. 

Illinois Review is about to enter its 15th year of bringing political news to our readers. It's been a tough 14 years, we admit. We work hard to bring Illinois conservatives news we hope they find helpful and informative. Tell your friends about Illinois Review and help us grow its influence and impact. 

We really want you to trust the political news you're getting.  



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  1. No one really trusts the news if they have any knowledge and intelligence.
    Virtually all biased for one side/issue or another.
    It’s just the number of liberal news outlets dominate in number and attention.

  2. Add to that we do not trust out Government (nor should we), you cannot trust the police nor the Judicial system. both of which are demonstrably corrupt, the FBI is a rogue organization, public schools clearly exist, not to educate your children but rather to indoctrinate them, we clearly have a multi-tiered justice system and the rule of law depends on your immigration status, who you pay off, and who you know.
    It is pretty clear this nation is now in its death throes. I am very sad about this, but it is true.