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Mark Curran: Why I’m running to oust Dick Durbin in 2020


BOLINGBROOK – Former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran says he's ready to run a tough race to oust Dick Durbin in 2020. He reviewed his qualifications with Illinois Review Saturday at the Illinois Conservative Activist Conference:


  1. Good to see someone from law enforcement challenge Durbin.Durbin is a puppet for the Democrat party and their anti- law enforcement, pro illegal alien pandering. Curran will carry southern Illinois if he is the Republican candidate. By the way, when Senator Tammy bashes Trump for avoiding the draft, why does no one bring up Durbin’s name? Or Biden, who brags about being a swimmer and lifeguard, but suddenly developed asthma when his draft deferments ran out?

  2. Curran ran for Sheriff as a Democrat and then switched parties after he was elected, claiming that he couldn’t be part of a party that was pro-abortion as a devout Catholic. Rather than list all the times Curran has disappointed me and my friends here in Lake County, let me just say he did nothing for Ives and he is for Sanctuary State. Curran has worn out his welcome in Lake County, hoping to take his act statewide where he can fool people into thinking he is some sort of conservative “Republican”. He won’t get my vote in the primary—there just has to be somebody better, even with this lackluster field.
    It really is important to maximize the vote in 2020 to help Trump get a majority of the national vote this time and to stop a graduated income tax amendment. But the same party Establishment that rammed Rauner down our throats secretly wants that referendum to pass so they can all get their pensions and other personal goodies funded. Curran is part of this game as the latest designated loser.

  3. Carl,
    You cannot be moral when you take an oath to uphold the constitution of the united states and the rule of law and then are for sanctuary for illegal aliens which in fact is a felony under U.S. law. What it does is make you disingenuous and liar, which is not moral. You either uphold your oath or you do not.

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