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Sanguinetti points to Republican endorsements in 6th CD GOP primary



Th-1WHEATON – Former lieutenant governor Evelyn Sanguinetti was running for the 6th CD Republican nomination unchallenged until recently, when former state representative Jeanne Ives announced she, too, was seeking the 2020 GOP nomination. 

Sanguinetti's former boss Governor Bruce Rauner narrowly stopped Ives' 2018 GOP gubernatorial primary challenge – and both are focused on the Democrat that ousted former 6th CD Congressman Peter Roskam in 2018 – Sean Casten.

In response to Ives' announcement July 28th, Sanguinetti released a list of Republicans that are endorsing her and quotes from some, who mention the word "conservative" often:

Don Manzullo, former United States Congressman (IL-16):

“I was honored to serve the people of McHenry County in Congress and I’m excited Evelyn Sanguinetti is running to bring conservative representation back to the 6th District. Evelyn is a dynamic public servant who will bring strong fiscal and family values to the table as a Member of Congress.”

Ken Shepro, Kane County Republican Chairman, St. Charles Township GOP Chairman:

"I am very impressed with Evelyn. Her empathy and compassion for people is what makes her such a unique individual and an impressive candidate for Congress. We deserve a representative in Washington who will fight for the people of this district with tenacity and dignity. Evelyn has a track record of putting people before politics, which is why I endorse Evelyn Sanguinetti for Congress."

Marty Keller, DuPage County Republican Party Chairman:

“As the daughter of teenage immigrants, Evelyn Sanguinetti grew up poor and on the social services safety net.  Through hard work and personal sacrifice, she was able to ascend to become our nation’s first Latina Lt. Governor. Evelyn is a strong conservative who deeply loves our country.  Couple this with her proven ability to connect with citizens of all backgrounds on a very personal level and she gives us the perfect opportunity to defeat Mr. Casten and reclaim the 6th Congressional District seat.”

(This quote removed per former State Rep. Peter Breen's request)

Lynn O’Brien, ILGOP Deputy State Central Committeeman (IL-6):

“No one embodies the conservative values of the 6th District better than Evelyn Sanguinetti. Evelyn is a fighter. She fought Mike Madigan in Springfield and she will continue to fight for us in Washington DC so our priorities are heard.”

Jesus Solorio, President of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois:

“I’m supporting Evelyn Sanguinetti for Congress because she’s a strong conservative leader who will never be outworked. I’ve seen firsthand how, through thoughtful leadership, Evelyn formed coalitions of diverse groups of stakeholders to advocate common sense reforms to get Illinois back on track – in the face of tremendous opposition from Mike Madigan.”

Nimish Jani, Chairman of the Indian American Republican Organization, Schaumburg Township Trustee:

“When I speak with Evelyn Sanguinetti about what is happening in the country right now it is clear that she is the right voice to represent the 6th congressional district. Evelyn is a principled conservative that will make this district proud as our US representative.”

Nicole Prater, Winfield Township GOP Chairman, Winfield Township Clerk:

“Evelyn Sanguinetti is a conservative champion who fought Michael Madigan in Springfield and will passionately fight against the socialist agenda being pushed by the left in DC. Evelyn did a fantastic job representing the people of Illinois as the nation’s first Latina Lieutenant Governor, and she will do a better job representing the people of the 6th district in Washington D.C.”

Vasavi Chakka, Lincoln Series Class of 2019, Illinois Federation of Republican Women:

“I support Evelyn because she is an excellent example of a person who made her American Dream a reality.  She is a strong advocate for our community and believes in lifting people up to find their own potential and be self-reliant.  We need more female leaders like her in Congress to represent us and fight for our views and priorities. I am proud to endorse Evelyn for Congress and I ask my neighbors to send a real leader to Washington by voting for Evelyn Sanguinetti.”

Steve Balich, Will County Board, Founder of the Conservative Committeeman Project:

“Evelyn is a strong conservative who cares deeply for our communities.  She is exactly what the 6th district needs right now. I enthusiastically support Evelyn for Congress and encourage all our conservative patriots to do the same.  I’m proud to be #TeamEvelyn.”



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  1. I would like to see both of these ladies in office. Why doesn’t one of them run for the State Senate or Governor or US Senate and get behind the other one for Congress? The IL GOP needs unity and it needs to elect good Conservatives to office. We can’t afford intra-party battles between Conservatives.

  2. It will take a warrior to win back the 6th District, and Evelyn won’t fight. When Evelyn had the chance to prove that she would stand firmly on conservative values, she buckled. When Rauner signed the abortion bill she should have quit. That would have made a statement heard around the nation. She also stood there smiling while Rauner made us a sanctuary state. If she somehow makes it through the primary, once “Resist” and “Indivisible” come after her, she will snap like a twig. Personally, I will vote for the person who has proven over and over she stands rocksolid on her principles. I will vote for Jeanne Ives.

  3. Other than Peter Breen, who supported Jeanne Ives against Rauner, no surprise in any of these endorsements. If you ever met both women as I have, you know who is just an affirmative action pick and who is the real conservative who could actually win the district.

  4. Endorsements are merely opinions, and opinions are like rectums…everyone has one.
    Endorsers listed here are, as expected, establishment-type Republicans.
    Ken Shepro of the Kane County GOP has been an ineffective as a “leader” I worked to get him elected to the post and am disappointed in his performance. I provided him with roll-call documents he needed to reward long-term Committeemen, but after nearly two years, I haven’t even received MINE.
    I do not doubt that Ms. Sanguinetti is a “conservative.”
    The question: Is she a FIGHTING conservative?

  5. I have seen Evelyn debate Jeanne at the Polish meeting place in Chicago. Bruce the baby killer was afraid to debate Jeanne. Jeanne clearly won the debate. I was sorry that Evelyn was there. Clearly Bruce like Madigan, have no morals.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht