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Where’s Weyermuller? With Ted Nugent at the McHenry County Fair 2019



Unknown-3By Mark Weyermuller –

The McHenry County Fair had its first sold out concert in the history of their annual event. Old time rocker and major Donald Trump supporter Ted Nugent performed last Saturday night in front of 6000 fans. 

Nugent singing "Cat Scratch Fever" could be heard miles away. Between songs he spoke of a Pro-American theme. At one point the crowd standing chanting "USA USA USA."

One person commented to me that they didn’t recall anybody chanting "USA" at any Democrat events. In addition to Trump supporters, there was a large amount of Second Amendment supporters throughout the fair.

I spotted hundreds of people wearing Trump gear, including MAGA hats.

The event was similar to a Trump rally.  Upon entering the fairgrounds, the very first booth was a vendor selling Trump gear. Some groups had planned protests, yet according to my sources, no protesters showed up.

The County Fair has the usual food including pizza, funnel cakes, corn dogs, and of course a huge beer tent.  There was a large carnival along with a midway of arcade games. Of course there were farm animals including cows, sheep, and chickens.


One of the more interesting arcade games here was throwing a ball into a toilet to win a stuffed animal. It was called “Game of Thrones.” Some were wondering if this was added in honor of Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, who has is in an ongoing controversy over removing toilets from his home to get a property tax reduction.

Last week the governor signed  legislation to change bathroom signs to say “gender neutral” on some single use bathrooms. While the state in in a major financial crisis with huge property taxes, out migration, job loss, and the pension mess, toilets seem to be main topic.  As I stood near the toilet booth, I saw nobody sign up to throw a ball in.  

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I imagine next years McHenry County Fair might be twice as big. I would not be surprised if President Trump held a rally in the area with some talk of a rally at the Sears Center in Hoffman Estates, Illinois.  If you like carnivals, music, tractors, funnel cake, and politics, I highly recommend this event next year.Unknown-14


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