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Dr. Kinzler tells IR why he’s making the 6th CD primary a 3-way race




WHEATON – DuPage County's 6th Congressional District is one that for years was the powerhouse of the Illinois Republican Party. DuPage County was run by Republicans. The state districts were represented by Republicans. DuPage Republicans Pate Philip and Lee Daniels led the Illinois Senate and House – Philip for years, and Daniels was Speaker of the House from 1995 to 1996 – the only break in Madigan's decades long Democrat reign. 

But things have changed dramatically.

DuPage County has numerous Democrats on the county board. The Blue Wave swept in several Democrats to strengthen Mike Madigan and John Cullerton's Democrat control of the state legislature. The two Democrats elected in the 14th and 6th CDs helped Nancy Pelosi gain the Democrat majority and become Speaker of the House – a position once held by Illinois now-disgraced Denny Hastert.  

Former Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti first announced her decision to run for the 6th CD GOP nomination. Then former GOP State Rep. Jeanne Ives announced she would enter the race as well. Now a third candidate – Dr. Jay Kinzler – has announced that he's going to run once again for the chance to be the Republican candidate to challenge freshman Democrat Sean Casten. Kinzler challenged Roskam four years ago in the 2016 GOP primary, and lost. 

Illinois Review had asked a week or so ago for a short interview with Dr. Kinzler. Wednesday, he called as he was leaving Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, having performed two transplants, he said. 

We recorded the call with his permission, and here are his responses: 

IR: Why did you decide to get into the 6th CD race? His answer explains his concerns about the urgency he sees to win back the country from those that want our nation to be socialist – like Sean Casten.

IR Kinzler 1

IR: How does Kinzler see himself as different from Ives and Sanguinetti? He says he's running on a three-pronged platform concerns about 1. health care, 2. open borders and 3. government corruption.

IR Kinzler 2

IR: What are his chances of winning the GOP nomination? He says pretty good … 

IR Kinzler 3

IR: Is it true that he believes the two women in the 6th CD primary campaign will destroy each other, allowing him to escape the damage they do to each other? 

IR Kinzler 4

More to come about the 6th CD race as the primary progresses … 



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  1. It seems clear that both Evelyn Sanguninetti and Dr. Kinzler are “nice” people, but I think for such a time as this, someone a bit more Trumpian is needed in Congress. And by Trumpian, I mean some specific attributes–not all of his attributes. We need someone direct, bold, unequivocal, fearless, independent, and with just a wee bit of pugnacity. While Republicans have been playing the game of curling–no muscles or strategy, just slide some rocks around and then sweep–Democrats have been doing MMA wearing brass knuckles. Who, in this divisive political climate with far left “progressives” pushing radical fiscal and social policies, will better take the absolutely necessary political fight to AOC and the “squad”: Sanguinetti, Kinzler, or Ives?

  2. IVES is the best choice by far! Illinois needs leaders who exude leadership traits like INTEGRITY, Honesty and a never ending Work Ethic. I witnessed these strong attributes and more with Jeanne as I was a proud supporter of her in her governors race where she came up 2% short of winning the primary even while only raising about 10-15% of what Bruce Rauner spent.
    Her West Point Education and her time spent in serving our state as a congresswoman gives her much more credibility and experience in Courageous Servant Leadership than anyone who steps up to run in this 6th district race. Besides all of the credentials above she has had to keep her awesome kids inspired and her badass husband Paul on track! (HaHa)

  3. I don’t understand why we are have 3 good and well known candidates in the 6th congressional district while none in the 5th, 9th, and 10th. I understand the 6th is more an easier district to win against Sean Casten who is there now. I like all three candidates for the republicans.
    I wonder who will actually file petitions and who will drop out.
    I am supporting Jeannie Ives.
    I am also supporting my president, Donald J. Trump.

  4. We have nearly 6 months to decide between these 3 Republican candidates, and it will likely take nearly that long for the Republican primary electorate to decide which of these 3 is the best. Right now, I’m completely undecided. I see strengths and opportunities in all 3, and given Republicans want to flip this seat from a freshman Democrat during a presidential election year, and the last time a Republican flipped a congressional seat in a presidential election year was 1992 (Manzullo vs. Cox), whom the nominee will be and their electability will be crucial.
    Look at what happened last year in IL-14. If a nurse, who was more of a “paper-pusher” in policy administration and minimal time treating patients in a practice or hospital setting, can flip a district from a 4-term Republican incumbent on the big issue of health care, imagine what a real MD, who actually treats patients, plus who continues to serve our country as a colonel in the Army Reserve, could do to go head-to-head on Mr. Climate-Change Sean Casten?
    Between Health Care and Climate Change, which issue will win more General Election voters!? Let’s also throw-in the issues facing veterans with health care at VA facilities, and who is more electable, an MD who also is a veteran and has been in the front lines on veterans’ health care?
    At this point, if he plays up his electability, he could, and should, win the primary.
    Let’s also note, even through Dr. Kinzler began making his decision public last week, he has still yet to file his paperwork with the FEC so he can legally begin raising money. My guess, he’s going to wait until October 1 or soon after, to file his FEC paperwork and not have to release an FEC campaign finance report until mid January. That doesn’t sound like a sincere effort to be transparent, but a strategic political effort to reveal less about yourself early on. Put another way, that’s a career politician’s approach to running.
    We all need to remember, a candidate’s ability to raise money is something we need to measure, too, and fewer opportunities, in this case FEC filings, Dr. Kinzler is avoiding us a chance to measure his electability.
    As I said, all 3 have their strengths and opportunities, and most Republican primary voters will need the bulk of the time between now and March 17 to make up our minds.

  5. #OMG I can’t believe Dr. Jay Kinzler threw his hat in the ring.
    I personally know Dr. Jay Kinzler to be one of the nicest individuals
    I have met at Loyola University when I attended as an undergraduate.
    Dr. Jay will make an excellent Congressman some day.
    Who do I support?
    With deep soul searching, I have to Support JEANNE IVES🇺🇸.
    Jeanne Ives🇺🇸 Is Illinois Hope and Future.
    Jeanne Ives🇺🇸 has the experience, and even though Jay Kinzler is a very good Candidate,
    I have to Support Jeanne Ives🇺🇸
    Dr. Kenneth YERKES
    Former #WriteInCandidate
    Kenneth YERKES
    I will be endorsing Mike Fricilone for Congress in IL03

  6. Taste of Wheaton should say their name.
    Why hide if you are a supporter?
    I’ve never liked anonymous comments, one reason I don’t like Capital Fax. I applaud people like Laurie, Gary, Kenneth, John, and others like Nancy Thorner and Carl who are not afraid to comment using their name. Just my opinion.

  7. I have found some Jeannites to engage in the practice assination and trying to ruin people who don’t agree with her, so, that’s why the anonymous posting. It’s the message and not the messenger that counts.

  8. Can I say I too love Dr. Jay Kinzler and support him in his bid to run,after ALL it’s America and he should be allowed to run if that is what he chooses to do! Jeanne Ives is an excellent conservative candidate as well. I have been with Evelyn long before anyone else came on the scene and still feel she would be outstanding. In an ideal world they would be running in separate districts but then we don’t live in that world, do we?🤔