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Rossi: Are you angry yet?



Angry-personBy Randy Rossi - 

For two and a half years, Democrats with the help of the “fake news” had been screaming at the top of their lungs that President Trump colluded with the Russians to illegally defeat Hillary Clinton. Those Dems and the “fake news” were decimated when the four federal investigations including the Mueller Investigation came to the same conclusion that “There was no collusion between Russia, Donald Trump, the Trump campaign, or any American."

That conclusion confirms that the Democrats and the “fake news” lied to you and the rest of the American people to illegally and immorally try and overturn the people’s choice of Donald Trump for president.

Doesn’t that make you angry?

We also now know that these investigations were based on a “phony dossier” paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC. They paid a disgraced British spy millions of dollars who then paid the Russians to provide what is now proven to be a “phony dossier."

Are you angry yet?

We also now know that these investigations based on the Democrat’s phony “Russian collusion hoax” cost American tax payers tens of millions of dollars which was taken away from solving critical real problems like building the wall to stop the massive illegal immigration crisis that need to be solved and diverted those tens of millions of dollars to this hoax. The only Russian collusion was with Hillary and the DNC!

Are you angry yet?

Now the Dems have launched a formal impeachment “investigation” based on a “whistle blower” charge that President Trump illegally asked the new Ukrainian president in a phone call to investigate if Democrat VP Biden abused his power to stop his son from being investigated for corruption. We all can now read the content of that call and President Trump did absolutely nothing wrong. Just like with the “Russian Collusion Hoax”, Democrats fed lies to the “Fake News” to use to slander President Trump with the hope of impeaching him.

Once any American reads the content of President Trump’s conversation with the president of Ukraine and heard the Ukrainian president say that he never felt pressured by President Trump, any rational American would know that this was simply another hoax. The good news is that this Democrat hoax has brought Democrat VP Biden’s massive abuse of power by using $1 billion of tax payer money to  force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was investigating the his son and the Ukrainian company that he worked for front and center to the American people. Biden is toast and the liberal Dems are happy because they felt that he was way too moderate.

Just like with the “Russian Collusion Hoax”, Democrats are falsely accusing President Trump of doing precisely what they have done. Democrats colluded with the Russians, not President Trump. Democrats abused their power to get the Ukraine to hide Biden’s massive abuse of power, not President Trump.

Are you angry yet?

Why are Dems doing all this? Democrat Congressman Al Green publicly explained their reason when he said “If we don’t impeach this president, he will get reelected”.

Are you angry yet?


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  1. You should be angry that the man you voted in is a CRIMINAL. Hides conversations on “secret servers” . Puts foreign policy at risk for personal and political gain…
    you need to blame the reason for all this…. TRUMP the criminal. Yesterday he threatened the life of the whistleblower… this is illegal and the act of a lowlife thug.
    you voted for this loser… own it.