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Kids Have Constitutional Rights, Too!



Unnamed (2)Loveland High School student Nathan Myers recently did what many Colorado kids do: He ventured into the great outdoors for some target practice with his mom.

Myers also did what many kids of his generation are inclined to do: He posted videos of his adventure to social media. In the posts, which you can view here and here, Myers shares a few shots of handguns in their cases and a video of himself firing a gun into the wilderness.

Myers’ enthusiasm for exercising his Second Amendment rights ended up getting him in trouble with his local government school.

“A report had come into the police department about the video, and they were told Nate was a threat,” Rally for Our Rights reported. “After showing the videos to the police officers and explaining that they’d simply gone on a mother-son outing to train with their legally owned firearms, the police stated that they had done nothing illegal and were well within their rights. They also determined Nate was not a threat to himself or anyone else and went on their way.”

Despite local law enforcement’s determination that Myers was simply exercising his constitutional rights, Nate’s mother received a call from the Thompson Valley School District informing her that her son was considered a “threat” and that he wasn’t allowed to return to school. The school wouldn’t even provide Nate with the work he would miss while he was suspended.



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