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Collectivist’s New Attack on Liberty



UnnamedAmerica and some other parts of the world are facing a “revivalist” movement, but rather than being a religious revival, it is an ideological revivalism calling for a turn away from freedom and the open society, and back to an earlier societal tribalism and tyranny.

It cuts across the usual political spectrum because what one finds is a common faith in political and economic collectivism, but a common faith that is divided up into several “denominations,” each of them asserting that it is the one true and good collectivism. But all are united in a condemnation of and opposition to free market liberalism, with its dedication to and respect for the individual to peacefully live his own life in voluntary association with his fellows for mutual benefit and betterment.

There are always two sides to any faith-based system, including political ones: There is a dark view of the reality of a fallen and sinful world, and a vision of a redeemed and just world that offers a lifting of the burdens of injustice from the shoulders of mankind.



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