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Even parents shouldn’t be able to OK chemical ‘transitions’ for little kids




Parents shouldn't be able to "transition" their children. Ramona Tausz writes:

The trans movement has already won concession after legal concession when it comes to the right of adults who subjectively identify with the opposite sex: They can choose to go as far as they please medically, and nearly all public ­institutions must bend to their demands for recognition.

But now activists and ideologues — including some parents — are bent on having children medically transition at ever-younger ages, including by subjecting them to processes that are irreversible.

If James is eventually chemically castrated, he will remain sterile for the rest of his life — even if he later decides that he is a male after all. Numerous studies have shown that the vast majority of children who say they’re trans ­desist as they grow older.

[Romana Tausz, “Even parents shouldn’t be able to OK chemical ‘transitions’ for little kids,” The New York Post, October 24]


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  1. The best thing society can do for the gender confused is to help them deal with their biological reality, not grant an acceptance of their confused thinking. And not allow men to compete as a woman! No one is discriminated against; they get to do what’s appropriate for their biological sex.

  2. “Michael Laidlaw, a California-based endocrinologist who exposed in April that doctors are giving testosterone to gender-confused girls as young as eight years old, questioned why a psychological disorder like gender dysphoria would be treated with such drugs, instead of “proper psychological care.”
    “Gender dysphoria is not an endocrine condition, but is a psychological one and should, therefore, be treated with proper psychological care,” he said, according to The Christian Post. “But it becomes an endocrine condition once you start using puberty blockers and giving cross-sex hormones to kids.”