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From Woke to Broke: The Political Contradictions of Progressivism




The progressive model of state governance is failing. Matthew Continetti writes:

The contradictions of progressivism generate crises of affordability and governance. But the political class suffers few consequences. Chicago, New York, and California remain Democratic strongholds. What scattered opposition exists is internal to the political machine. On rare occasions parts of the coalition splinter from the whole and are able to defeat radical measures. Think of Bill de Blasio's stalled plans to cancel entrance exams for New York City's magnet schools. For the most part, though, the Democrats' hold on power continues. It's one monopoly progressives don't seem to mind.

Are the voters in these communities merely complacent? Are they so content with the patchwork of benefits and status the jerry-rigged welfare state provides that they tolerate dysfunction? Or is the partisan alternative so appalling they won't even consider it?

[Matthew Continetti, “From Woke to Broke,” The Washington Free Beacon, October 25]


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