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Illinois Review starts 15th year



Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 4.53.11 PMOn November 6th, 2005, a brand new news source stuck its tiny toe into the scary cold, cold Illinois /Chicago media waters. Those that encouraged its launch were fed up with a Leftist-dominated media – and its refusal to share the "other side of the story." 

15 years later, and many, many news sources have come and gone while Illinois Review has worked as much as humanly possible to continue to give a conservative perspective on Illinois news. We've seen the state's conservative movement grow and flatline over the years. We were on hand to report the Tea Party Movement. 

Through it all, our cause has remained the same – to do all we can to share helpful information with like-minded readers. 

Thank you for sharing our stories, our viewpoints and our ideas. We especially want to thank our generous contributors such as John F. Di Leo, Nancy Thorner, Mark Weyermuller and others that have volunteered their time and talents for the cause. 

We appreciate all of you. 

For fun, here's a link to our very first news story … November 6th, 2005.


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  1. I just clicked on the 1st like on your 1st story from 15 years ago. I suspect it had thousands of likes but fb probably have hidden them.
    Thank you and look forward to another 15 years or maybe a hundred!
    Who often says, “check out Illinois Review, the top conservative news source in the Midwest.” Who says that? Oh, that was me who says that!