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San Francisco’s New Anti-Police D.A.




San Francisco's new D.A. is bad news for the rule of law. Erica Sandberg writes:

Boudin’s platform of decarceration and ending the “criminalization of poverty” clearly appealed to many San Francisco voters, though the city’s growing public-order woes hardly suggest over-policing or aggressive prosecution of crime. A spate of car break-ins has reached epidemic proportions, with roughly 70 smash-and-grabs happening daily. Boudin has responded by pledging to address the “root causes” of crime—addiction and homelessness—but San Francisco already spends hundreds of millions of dollars annually on human services, and the problems continue to worsen. His key promise regarding car burglaries is to put the city in the business of fixing the smashed windows at a discount—essentially a gesture of defeat.

[Erica Sandberg, “San Francisco’s New Anti-Police D.A.,” City Journal, November 12]


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