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Talgo: Politicians Are Lying to You About Vaping



Bigstock-Young-Man-Vape-Electronic-Ciga-235840972-300x300By Chip Talgo - 

Infamous Nazi Germany propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Unfortunately, almost 80 years later, Goebbels’ maxim is alive and well in the United States.

Over the last few weeks, the political class (with assistance from the mainstream media) has peddled a flat-out, reprehensible lie about the recent wave of hospitalizations supposedly due to vaping.

Their “story” is completely false. Politicians and their media allies know it’s false; however, they keep pushing the Big Lie.

First, a bit of history (and truth) to dispel the Big Lie. In 2007, vaping products, also known as e-cigarettes, made their American debut. Since then, millions of Americans have used vaping as a much safer alternative (95 percent less harmful) to combustible, tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, for 12 years, millions of Americans have used vaping products with no major adverse effects (to be fair, studies on the long-term effects of vaping are lacking).

In recent months, thousands of Americans have chosen to insert illegal, black-market substances into their so-called vape pens. Indeed, a vast majority of the recent medical cases related to vaping are actually due to people vaping THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana.

I repeat: The 800 or so documented cases of “vaping related hospitalizations” are overwhelmingly due to people violating the law and choosing to vape illicit substances, namely THC. These people have admitted to doing so.



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