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The Dark Art of Framing



Why do intelligent people – sometimes even our friends and family members – continue to fall for the Left’s false narrative? Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries, offers some compelling insight into the ways in which the Left manipulates words and emotions, and what you can do to protect yourself. This video was made possible through our partnership with Summit Ministries.


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  1. This is an unusual position to take for somebody promoting the bible. How do intelligent people fall for that? The only person you should be protecting yourself from is this guy who has his hand in your back pocket each week.
    You might need to point that bright light at ourselves because all biblical discussions are framed. When the media present a subject we are subject to media framing effects based on how stories are presented. The bible presented a very selective view of the world only telling the story from a single perspective. Spin starts at home people.
    All communication is framed. in fact, he just framed framing as a dark art when in fact all public discourse is presented through a frame. How about we frame Leviticus?