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Thorner/O’Neil: When impeachment overrules fixing nation’s problems



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By Nancy Thorner & Bonnie O'Neil –

Do our nation's children and grandchildren take the United States’ prosperity, freedoms, and way of life for granted?  Most likely they do, often because they have never experienced anything different, such as most of us have not experienced the pain of being hungry because we have so little to eat.  But even if such a situation should develop, we do have family members or neighbors willing to help in time of financial trouble.  We also have both short-term and long-term government welfare programs that provide assistance for struggling families in need of food and/or shelter.

While agreeing to help people in need is an admirable thing to do, many of our citizens are unaware of the huge price tag of this compassion and generosity.  For instance, how many American citizens know that our government spent a whopping $349 billion in fiscal year 2018 on Federal welfare programs.  Even more astounding is that officials expect there will soon be a large increase in welfare payments that are anticipated to reach at least $1,118 billion, including $650 billion for Medicare alone.

Why then are there still thousands of children in the United States who go to bed hungry, when there are numerous welfare programs and state hospitals that offer help to those in need of both physical and mental help? The same applies to people living on our city streets. These people might need professional help to regain their lives, but their illness or drug dependency often prevents them from seeking or accepting the type of help that will last.

It can be easier for such people to get help from caring relatives or neighbors.  That works well if the problem is temporary.  However, those whose problems are more likely caused by an underlying illness should be urged to consult with local or state officials for a professional evaluation and possibly hospitalized until they are physically and emotionally healthy.  By asking the right questions, a professional health provider can determine what must be done to help these people regain the life they want.    

SNAP program breeds laziness
Government programs to help those in need are essential, but they can be abused.  When the public sees obvious examples of abuse, their negative resentment is justifiable.  For instance, have you been behind someone checking out at a grocery store and noticed the customer is buying bottles of whisky and wine and paying for them with a government issued debit card?   Have you asked the checker why he or she allowed that person to abuse the food welfare system by buying bottles of booze when it's intended only for food items?  If so, you might receive this common answer, which is that the store doesn’t want a scene or problem in a line of customers waiting to pay for their items.  So, the store accepts the purchase, even knowing it is a violation, and our taxes paid for it.  
This Food Stamp solution, officially called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), makes up the largest portion of the budget of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The program aims to help lower-income families purchase food products.  In time those receiving the stamps complained the stamps were embarrassing to use in public places, because it identified them as someone needing government assistance. Rather than embarrass these people, a decade or so ago government officials decided it best to issue cards that resemble those the rest of us have and use.  Of course, the huge difference is we get a bill at the end of the month for the privilege of using a credit card, but welfare recipients do not pay a dime to anyone.  Where is the incentive for them to find a job and work 9 to 5?
What is wrong with this picture?  Perhaps you remember the way it once was.  Those who were out of work and in need of help relied on neighbors and/or their church for temporary assistance.  Most every church once had a “food closet” where, on the honor system people could pick food items for their families during hard financial times. That seemed to work out very well, with few abusing the system, unlike the new government system in place today where food stamps are easy to apply for, receive, and sold for money.  It was said that during the Obama administration people who didn't qualify for food stamps were approached at random on the street and told they could sign up for the program regardless of their income.  During that same time, people were given free phones, with few questions asked and no proof of poverty needed. 
How much each state spends on welfare
In a study posted on January 4, 2018, the question was asked, Is Welfare Better Than a Job?: In 15 States, It Is.  Is America turning itself Into a 'Lazy’ Free-Loading Nation? That may indeed be the path ahead because currently there are states that pay more in welfare than they do for those doing minimum wage work.    
According to NPR, only 55% of families receiving SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits have one family member that is working. In fifteen U.S. states, the other 45% of recipients are not working.  Why should they?  According to 2013 Cato Institute Research, there are 15 states in which welfare recipients make more than full-time minimum wage. One other fact of interest is that statistics show it is Democrat  states that have the higher percent of  people on welfare programs. 
See here a map which shows how much money each state spends on welfare; however, no state comes close to California with a monstrous welfare population.   California is the biggest Democrat controlled welfare state with  New York, Illinois, and Pennsylvania close behind.  
Are we solving a problem or creating a larger one by this overwhelming government generosity that in many cases never stops?  Is our government’s generosity inadvertently creating a way of life rather than resolving  a temporary situation?  
We are a generous people, but that isn’t the point.  We should be asking why politically powerful officials find it advantageous to keep people dependent upon them rather than find ways to keep them employed.  The issue must be explored and  significant changes made.  Government financial assistance must be limited and temporary, unless there are documented facts provided to a state by a credible physician explaining why working is not feasible for their patient.  


The above issues are not confined to one state or even one region.  Neither are the blatant efforts by some in political positions to “take down” our current President, by any means possible.  Current leaders in the opposition party are acting in tandem with the Deep State.  This has given rise to our nation facing a crisis situation that the mainstream media is largely failing to report or, if reporting, using their own biased opinion rather than just reporting facts and allowing the public to decide.   
Robert Green’s comments noted below offer an interesting explanation of what is happening today. Our forefathers gave us this amazing nation and form of government, with the warning it would be hard to keep.  While some adjustments are usually required during a period of time, the public should be cautious and respond when needed.
Comments by Green
"To protect the USA, we must first understand that there are now some among us who are doing their best to change the USA and replace it with a new system, Socialism, even though that system has failed wherever and whenever tried.  This is absolutely unacceptable and must be exposed.  
Senator Mike Lee made it very clear that ANY leader who aligns themselves with the proposed impeachment of our President is not just wrong, but that these people are seriously jeopardizing our nation and people by their actions and statements.  We are allowing a “whistle blower” and leaders of the opposition Party to cripple our nation with what can only be identified as unverifiable statements.  One can only wonder if our foreign enemies are plotting how they can use all of this to their advantage.  
The public may end up being the jurors who decide which Party and people are truthful and who is acting out of partisanship.  Will Democrats regret their overt intended “shot” at our President?  The jury providing that answer will be our nation's voters.   
We witnessed the Democrat’s witch-hunt against Brett Kavanaugh.  Democrats put that poor guy through hell, just because he was too Conservative for them. We cannot continue to let members of the opposition deliberately destroy innocent people for political purposes. We appear to be witnessing frustrated losers who refuse to accept the majority's opinion and the results of the ballot box. This is worrisome; it must stop.  The opposition Party seems not able to accept the decisions of our citizens and in frustration are making highly questionable decisions and enacting pathetic behavior to get attention.
As children who have temper tantrums and are embarrassments to their parents, so are current Democrats’ behavior towards President Trump, as the world watches and shakes their collective heads."
Concluding thoughts
Are you involved and/or doing what you can to stay informed of important issues and information regarding political matters?   Are you sharing your knowledge and opinions with friends and elected officials?
Nothing good can come from the constant, mostly baseless attempt by Democrat-Socialist Party leaders who are in collusion with the Deep State. Instead the purpose appears to be an orchestrated plan to bring down our duly elected President, as the entire world watches.  The non-stop efforts from specific Democrats are detrimental to our nation’s success.  Opposition can be an asset when the reason for it  is altruistic, but that is not what our citizens are seeing from specific Democrat leaders today.  They need to put aside partisan issues and work with our President for the good of our nation and people.  We have elections to make any changes in leadership that the majority deems prudent.  


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  1. One of the despicable weaknesses of mankind is laziness. The welfare/food stamp program was designed to assist people who are unable to work and earn a living without assistance.
    Today, too many able bodied people – Americans and illegal invaders – just take take take from hard working American taxpayers who must not only work to support themselves – they also are carrying the load of the lazy.
    God said: ‘Consider the ant thou sluggard and be wise.” Proverbs 6:6

  2. As one who had worked as a volunteer in a charitable organization for several years, I have seen what welfare does. Welfare has created an unproductive, government-dependent underclass. But what was left out of the article was the biggest problem created by welfare: the explosion of fatherless families. Who needs husbands and fathers when Government pays the bills? (That was a rhetorical question. Fathers are irreplaceable for so many reasons.)
    Children in generational welfare homes have no concept of normal family life with a married father and mother. This skews everything. Truly, they live in a different world.
    What’s needed is 5 years to eliminate welfare. Start with a blitz of commercials and advertising: “‘WED BEFORE YOU BED!’ No new welfare enrollees are being accepted starting next month.” Maximum 5 years to get newborns to school age and parents employed, with gradually diminished payments. Government money can be diverted to churches and local, proven organizations like Salvation Army and Society of St. Vincent dePaul, who can help people learn life and employment skills better than government can. Then gradual tapering down of those funds too. The only people who should get long term government support are those truly disabled, for whom the cost of care is more than family and community can handle.
    Maybe if we get rid of government welfare and return to churches the role of feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, more people will turn back to God too. Bring back God and family, and the nation will prosper.