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Former Muslim to join IllinoisReview.com contributors




LOMBARD –  A Lombard Illinois area Christian fellowship is now pastored by a former Muslim that at age 13 was recruited by the Muslim Brotherhood. He grew up in a world of bitter animosity between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon – and fought Christians in the Lebanese Civil War. 

In 1980, while Hesham Shehab was going to an American college in Beirut, Lebanon, his brother was killed by a Christian militia. Hesham’s response was to study by day, and by night seek to take revenge in attacks on Christian members of the militia that killed his brother.   

But instead of acting on his desire to revenge his brother's death, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount brought Hesham to the Christian faith.

In a course of cultural studies, he heard the words “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”  These words stunned and surprised him. In order to know more about Jesus, Hesham checked out a copy of the Bible from the college library and began reading it on his own. The more he read the Bible, the more he felt peace and forgiveness. Hesham found a way of forgiveness and reconciliation instead of hatred and revenge. 

Shehab now has a ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Muslim and Middle Eastern immigrants in the Chicagoland area. 

His objective, he says, is to bring those immigrants to the saving grace of Christ Jesus through teaching and baptism. 

Rev. Shehab's opinion pieces will be appearing in IllinoisReview.com as he finds time to write them. 

We are honored to add his voice to our list of generous contributors. His first is HERE. 

Hear from him directly in an recent interview with Lawyers for Jesus HERE.


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