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Four IL Republicans file to challenge Durbin in 2020



Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 12.18.41 PMSPRINGFIELD – As of noon the last day that 2020 GOP primary candidates can submit petitions to be on the ballot, four Republicans could be on next March's GOP primary statewide:

Whichever of these Republicans that wins the March 2020 primary will challenge US Senate Minority Whip Dick Durbin in the November 2020 presidential election. 

The 75 year old Durbin first was elected to the U.S. Senate from Illinois in 1996 – defeating Republican Al Salvi with the help of former President Bill Clinton at the top of the ticket. 


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  1. You tell us right here and right now what is shameful about Steve’s comments. Peg has said NUMEROUS times on NUMEROUS pages that she is a victim of me and other people’s racism. She has told me and other detractors that we don’t like her because of her skin color. There is no place for HER talk, Dennis, not ours. This party cannot handle the further erosion of its strength by people who make Leftist style accusations against those who scrutinize her record. The shame is on her and it is on anyone who gives cover to these tactics.

  2. What is shameful is comparing Peggy’s campaign to Jussie Smullet. Look, you can have a valid disagreement on whether comments made by you and Linda are racially charged, but there is a difference conversational disagreements and public charges that require investigations. I am not going to make a judgement call on whether or not the comments were racist, but I will make the obvious call that they were hurtful. Furthermore, Steve and a few others are trolling comments on facebook and here on Illinois Review to spread your own interpretation of events. Why not just drop it and move on? This article was celebrating that we have four candidates wanting to take on Dick Durbin, let’s celebrate that, not take the opportunity to dig a disagreement that in my book should be handled privately.
    The shame is that Illinois Review is being used to to spread your side of the story.

  3. I know of many people who support Peggy Hubbard. She has what it takes to defeat Durban!! I have known her for quite awhile and have always been impressed with her. She can stand up to those who attack her. She is strong and informative and will not give in to politicians and won’t play their game. Bring it on… she’s not intimidated!!! PEGGY HUBBARD for Senate 2020!!

  4. And you can’t dismiss all of these other critical comments, Dennis. Try as you may. Contrary to what you want to believe, this isn’t really about me. Its about a very flawed race baiting candidate.

  5. Politics can be ugly. Each of these four candidates deserve a positive voice, so that the best candidate beats Senator Durbin. After we all vote, one will be victorious and everyone of the 3 non victors need to be prepared to get behind the winner. The voters need to do the same. If anyone needs to be trashed it is Durbin, not any of the 4 qualified candidates on the Republican side. Lets get this done.

  6. Dennis, I tried asking Peggy direct questions about the Senate if she should win it. Such as what caucus would she join, and what committee does she think she is qualified for – what I got back was a repeat of her history (same one told at a town hall I went to in August) and then played the poor me race card. And then I was banned from her page and the others, ptaks etc. Now why would I keep that info to myself? People need to know as much as they can – this is the Senate after all. I have my doubts about her reading bills and understanding them, and I have my doubts whether she is a true Republican/Conservative.

  7. Peggy Hubbard is the only choice for me!! She is honest and forthright and fair. She does sugar coat things and she isn’t a crook. I have been following Peggy since the Ferguson fiasco and Peggy is Brutally Honest. She is what ILLINOIS NEEDS!!

  8. More of the crap of he said she said i said they said! If you have a beef about someone, put the proof out here on this social media or keep your trap shut! Maybe you should run or is your closet full also!! The facts are all we need!

  9. I have not completed my research but I am concerned that a candidate for US Senate voted for Obama twice. If a person wants to leave the Democrat party great but to run for US Senate that soon not sure I can get on board with that. It is also concerning the use of the word ‘Racist’. Someone better be real sure before they use that word. Curran scares me with the immigration issue. Right now I would vote for Tarter if I had to vote today.

  10. Well, Dennis, whom else did she call a member of a white power organization? Whom else did she accuse of STEALING from Jim Marter? Whom else did she accuse of calling her a primate? You tell me, Dennis. How pray tell was this never about me?

  11. You are so correct she is a lady most people fear because she says the way thing are and most people can’t handle the truth I have never seen her use a race card so people get over yourself she wont let people push her around and stands up for our LEO she is a very gracious person you would all be so lucky if she represents you I sure would be

  12. She is no lady. Her mouth is launches more F bombs than a trucker and she uses the Lord’s name in vain on the regular. If you have never seen her use the race card I dare you to come over to my page and you will see screenshots of her doing just that. Educate yourself.

  13. Cristy. How ” brutally honest” is a woman who says she voted for Trump in the primary but St.Clair County records show she did not pull a primary ballot? I am not asking you to take my word for it. It is a matter of public record. Contact St. Clair County for yourself. The elections department. My god-do you research things for yourself or do you just hear a nice sales pitch and fall for it?

  14. Larry. Pray tell how am I supposed to put the proof on this page? Come to y Facebook page-I dare yoyo-and see all the ” proof” for yourself. Screenshots of her words. Written by her. No twisting. Straight from her.

  15. People who feel the need to Bash Peggy Hubbard or either Jealous, worried or scars of her race. All you yellow belly cry babies get a life. I got news for you the Republican Party has set you up for failure. Just think every time you mention Peggy’s gives her more unpaid media. My friend for a very long time is living rent free in menu of your heads. That was the plain and it worked.

  16. Two obvious Democrat plants and I could go on and on about “Sanctuary State” Mark Curran who has alienates all who get to know him well, as happened to me when I supported his first run for Sheriff a decade ago. The Polish born businessman looks good but I have to support Tom Tarter as somebody who can help us across the finish line in 3 very vulnerable downstate U.S. House districts. It’s all about booting out the Democrat House impeachment circus and stopping the graduated income tax next year in Illinois. It’s time we stop wasting time on anything else in this forum or anywhere else when it comes to Illinois politics.

  17. Jan, what kind of proof would you like? Screen shots of her Facebook comments? Got um. Timeline discrepancies concerning witnesses who were not available to witness? Got um.
    How would you like them presented? Shall I just type in the quotes or do you need the actual screenshots etc.

  18. And this is why these candidates don’t stand a chance. All the bickering. People need a strong candidate they will get behind, stand up for, ccx and vote for. Bickering breaks solidarity…if it ever existed.

  19. If we want to get away from the “smollet like” behavior…no one called her an (species of primate) SHE MADE IT UP. Let’s go to honesty…there’s proof that she wrote anti-trump material in May of 2016, after she SAID she circulated Trump primary petitions 2015.(provably false) With that level of honesty…Durbin might be the better Senator…we just don’t know if anything is true. Lastly, proof exists of a bankruptcy ant TWO foreclosures…recently. Her bulldogs will call me a troll, but as the former McHenry County Republican Vice Chair and Grand Knight in the Knights of Columbus, my reputation stands. I will not be intimidated.

  20. Such infighting over five hardly serious candidates who will struggle to get 30 percent of the vote.
    Use your time and energy on serious races. With Obama girl and RINO sheriff and a doctor with no history of anything and another clown this is a mess and anybody with their fingerprints on it will be understandably embarrassed.
    There isn’t a single serious Republican in the entire state of Illinois.

  21. Casey Chelbek,
    Another defacto open borders candidate. The same type of philosophy that is destroying this nation and certainly destroying the Republican Party
    In his own words:
    “Also, I believe that our mission should be first and foremost recognize the fact that our neighboring countries, Mexico and Canada, should be treated in a preferential manner based on the nearly two century old Monroe doctrine – “America for Americans”. No one, no one, should have a right to demand that we apply universally policies to the entire world when our own neighbors are first in the line. The preferential treatment of our neighboring countries should be also adopted to our economic policies as well. Let’s be clear on one issue, if we adopted more cordial treatment of our southern counties over the last forty years instead of relying totally on the China’s card, we most probably would never need to go thru the tariffs wars and genuine economic and military threats we face today from China today. Fact is, that before we can absorb additional wave of migration we must create economic conditions for such outcome. Therefore, our first order of business is to create suitable economic conditions, and if bring back the 50,000 factories exported to China and elsewhere we will be on the way to better accommodation for our own citizens and our new immigrants.
    Would our economy be able to absorb the wave of the additional millions of immigrants. Well, the facts are that the most recent stats show the United States has nearly 14% population of immigrants, Canada 22% and Australia 28%. Without any doubt, if other developed word countries did absorb higher percentages of immigrants, the United States can do the same. Most importantly, Let’s first work very hard together with the President Trump to create better economic conditions and opportunities for the United States in the coming years. It can be done! Let’s make it happen to the satisfaction of us all!”

  22. Dr. Tarter.
    If you read this, please more carefully define the following statement:
    “For those who want to come to this country, I strongly support them entering America through the front door. Apply, come to America, get a green card, then earn your United States citizenship. Legal immigrants are welcome in our country as productive citizens who add to the fabric of our society.”
    We already have some 1.2 million legal immigrants each year. Many have few or no skills that this country needs. Good for votes for Democrats and cheap labor for business- that’s about it.
    Please read President Trumps message on addressing real legal immigration reform- it is not perfect but it is not just the usual sanctimonious “we love all legal immigrants” garbage that spews from so many.

  23. When Jennifer Nevins is Involved in Anything, It’s ALWAYS about her. Just look in the Dictionary and look up the word Narcissist there is No definition, just a picture of Jennifer Nevins next to it! And then it is followed by this Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) involves a pattern of self-centered, arrogant thinking and behavior, a lack of empathy and consideration for other people, and an excessive need for admiration. Others often describe people with NPD as cocky, manipulative, selfish, patronizing, and demanding.

  24. When you say intense scrutiny of all candidates do you really only mean one candidate that you seem obsessed with?
    Dennis is right you’ve made this race all about you.
    I honestly don’t care if Hubbard called you and your pac out for your hateful comments directed at her.
    There’s other candidates in this race and they’re all running against one another and not just against Peggy but you seem to only focus your hate towards Hubbard and her supporters.

  25. And I have yet to see a single Republican walk the Latino precincts and ask for their vote. But boy there is plenty of time for keyboard warriors to post in blogs, no time to build the brand but plenty of time for infighting. Go team!!!!

  26. I am supporting Mark Curran for U.S. Senate. He is a proven civil servant. 100% pro-life! He is a man of integrity and stalwart stewardship. He proved that in his 12 years as Lake County Sheriff, my county. He cut costs every year. Lake County has been one of the safest counties in the Country. This is a guy who as a lawyer who won the Sheriff spot, went through law enforcement training. As a Sheriff, spent a week in his jail for perspective. He has never taken the route of political expediency but always chose to do what’s right. A man of impeccable character. Someone who has proven himself to be worthy of sitting in a U.S. Senate seat.

  27. You make a good point. And they should talk to Hispanics.
    But that should not include kow towing to amnesties, open borders, and race entitlement pandering.
    State principles of individual responsibility, lower taxes and honest government.

  28. Peggy Hubbard has my full support…the “mean girls” are experts at whining and nothing more…they are irrelevent. Peggy has tremendous enthusiastic support throughout the state. She is building a YUUGE grassroots movement.
    As far as I am concerned…Peggy Hubbard is Dick Durbin’s worst nightmare. She will not be the obligatory Republican sacraficial lamb to go down in defeat against Dick Durbin.

  29. Sorry Dennis. The shame is that voters aren’t allowed to know the “inside” story of the corrupt politics that continue here in Illinois. As a 4th generation Illinoisian, I think I have the ability to speak to what goes on. I know my father was hit on for money to continue running his business. I’m sick of those who use the race card as a weapon against anyone who disagrees with their views. And we should celebrate having people to run against Durbin? Only if they are willing to go against the status quo. Illinois is on the road to ruin, and it’s people like yourself who are driving the speeding bus.

  30. Bremen township Senate candidate forum results:
    44%…Peggy Hubbard
    33%…Dr. Tom Tarter
    11%…Dr. Robert Marshal
    9%…..Mark Curran
    Peggy Hubbard lives 300 miles from this event…her grassroots movement and support is quite evident.

  31. Mark Curran was horrific at the Bremen township candidate forum yesterday…he did not come across very well and it showed in the caucus results. He appeared to have anger management problems.
    44%…Peggy Hubbard
    33%…Dr. Tom Tarter
    11%…Dr. Robert Marshal
    9%…..Mark Curran

  32. President Trump is leading the Republican effort to reach out to minorities across the nation. Certain Republicans will have to come to grips with knowing what is quite obvious…numerous liberated #walkaway Democrats voted for Obama and others. Their dreams, hopes, and changes that they wanted, in order to improve their lives…were trampled on by the Obama lies and his liberal, progressive, socialist supporters.