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IL GOP US Senate candidates spar over immigration issue



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IL GOP U.S. Senate candidates (l to r) Mark Curran, Peggy Hubbard, Robert Marshall, Tom Tarter

TINLEY PARK – Immigration and amnesty were hot topics at a forum among IL GOP U.S. Senate candidates Thursday night in Tinley Park, Illinois. Republican candidate Peggy Hubbard, a veteran and former law enforcement officer from the Belleville area, stirred a curt response from her opponents when she accused "several" of her primary opponents as being "for amnesty."

Hubbard was pushed as to what exactly she meant by saying her opponents were "for amnesty." 

"I actually saw Mr. Curran give a town hall meeting for illegals," Hubbard said. "Then I also saw that Mr. Tarter is for amnesty. Are you Democrat or Republican?" she asked. 

Dr. Tarter responded by saying he's writing a white paper on the issue regarding the "Dreamers" who came to to America with their parents illegally, saying he would not allow those Dreamers that had committed felonies to become citizens, but he would specifically allow those that have served in the military to become citizens. 

Mark Curran said Ms. Hubbard's accusation about the town hall was not true.

"With regards to those here illegally – it's a mess, and has been for some time," Curran said. He referred to measures that have not been able to get from the U.S. Congress to the President's desk, saying the issue is at a stalemate. "There's not enough funding for border agents, ICE agents, or the wall – and I support the President on those issues," he said. "I guarantee I know more about immigration than all of the other candidates."  

Dr. Marshall said he took a hard line against illegal immigration and sanctuary cities.

Current U.S. Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, who the winner of the IL GOP primary will face in 2020, is staunchly in favor of amnesty for Dreamers and supports sanctuary cities. 

(An audio of this portion of the U.S. Senate candidate discussion that ended up on immigration. Please note, this recording was made by the moderator, IR Editor Fran Eaton, from her podium)

IL GOP Senate – Immigration

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  1. Another defacto open borders candidate.
    I went to his website for Governor. Nothing about immigration as an issue.
    In Curran’s won words:
    “What makes me uncomfortable about Secure Communities is the fact that we need to be talking about comprehensive immigration reform, and we need to be doing so unabashedly. …
    So when we need to be talking about comprehensive immigration reform and then we’re talking about Secure Communities, we’re really talking out of both ends of our mouth. That’s sending mixed messages.
    When I deal with the Latino community in Waukegan [and] the immigrant communities throughout Lake County, there is fear that’s running through these communities. They know the horror story of their uncle or their brother who committed the most ticky-tack of offenses, got incarcerated as a result and is now being deported. It just sends chills through their spine, … because they’ve seen the effects of that.
    Basically we talk about comprehensive immigration reform, but we only give it lip service. Then if the polls show that we need to be doing something regarding illegal immigrants because of paranoia and lies that have been spread, well, we’ve got Secure Communities in place.”
    I do not know the man but this sounds like the uusal GOP political elite garbage.
    Perhaps he can write out a clear and articulate statement on where he stand on both legal and illegal immigration. I will write it for him if he does not have the time.

  2. Tarter taken from his website:
    Keep Americans Safe & Build the Wall
    I have witnessed firsthand the devastation caused by illegal immigration. I did my medical training at the county hospital in Los Angeles, one of the best public hospitals in the country. It’s located in a crime-ridden area heavily populated by illegal immigrants. In my two years of general surgery, I operated on many illegal immigrant gang members who had been shot or stabbed among the chaos and poverty plaguing the community.
    One of government’s primary functions is to keep its citizens safe, and they haven’t been keeping us safe. That’s why we need to stop illegal immigration by building the wall and giving Border Patrol the resources they need, including modern technology and additional safety officers. We need local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE and deport illegal immigrants with criminal records so we can keep our neighborhoods safe. And we need a legal immigration reform bill that replaces the current family-based immigration system with a merit-based system.
    For those who want to come to this country, I strongly support them entering America through the front door. Apply, come to America, get a green card, then earn your United States citizenship. Legal immigrants are welcome in our country as productive citizens who add to the fabric of our society. Illegal immigrants, on the other hand, are a drain on our health care, educational, and social service systems, taking advantage of services the American people pay for that are supposed to be used to support American citizens in need.
    I am proud to announce my campaign for U.S. Senator from Illinois in 2020. Voters are going to have clear choices in November 2020. Dick Durbin stands for a single-payor health care system, and I stand for improving our health care system that the majority of Americans find excellent or good. We can reduce the cost of health care in the United States without forcing every American into an inferior single-payor plan, especially those who have paid into Medicare all of their working lives. Dick Durbin is the second ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate, and his party stands for an open border policy. I stand for a sovereign nation with secure borders. I stand for immigration reform. American citizens need to decide who gets invited into the American family. With your support, I can replace Dick Durbin and make progress in health care and immigration for our state and our country. I hope you will continue to follow my journey to the United States Senate.
    So that is what is on his website. I know nothing else about him.

  3. Dr. Tarter responded by saying he’s writing a white paper on the issue regarding the “Dreamers” who came to to America with their parents illegally, saying he would not allow those Dreamers that had committed felonies to become citizens, but he would specifically allow those that have served in the military to become citizens.
    Tarter needs to be very careful about what he is saying about the “Dreamers”. Proposals from Democrats have allowed for up to three misdemeanors. But a misdemeanor can be a very serious offense and carry up to a year in jail. NO misdemeanors should be allowed. Only those who have served in the military and have no misdemeanors should qualify. I even say that hesitantly but I could support that.

  4. Hubbard:
    Peggy is committed to working with the president and Congress to pass real reforms to fix our broken immigration system, secure our borders, keep our country safe, and honor our commitments to the American people. Peggy is committed to fighting illegal immigration that threatens America’s security, economic health, and jobs for low and middle-class workers, but believes legal immigration is the lifeblood of our country
    All the more reason to back President Trump’s border wall. USA Today, reported that Los Angeles district attorney has brought indictment against MS-13.
    Twenty two MS-13 gang members indicted after “medieval style” killing spree in Los Angeles. Weapons of choice? Baseball bats, claw jammers, hammers, machetes and other tools to carry out their reign of terror.
    Nineteen of those newly indicted ARE illegal immigrants from Central America. It was revealed that the arrive in this…

  5. Based upon what I have seen, SO FAR, Hubbard would be my candidate.
    Not only because of immigration issues but because of other issues.
    She seems gutsy, forthright and intelligent.
    Of course, I might change my mind. But again, I support her and believe she would have at least a shot at defeating Durbin if property backed and financed.

  6. “I guarantee I know more about immigration than all of the other candidates.” Yes, Mark Curran, you may have not had a town hall for illegals (Hubbard lies so blatantly). But you were for “Sanctuary State” legislation. And it cost you your reelection as Sheriff. Tarter is the best of this field and won’t distract from keeping vulnerable 3 U.S. House districts downstate from falling to the Democrats, electing two more Republicans in the 6th and 14th districts and stopping a graduated income tax amendment. Unlike the rest of the field, he is used to being part of a team in his home county and will do what he can in tying down Durbin. The rest of these candidates are just an accident waiting to happen.

  7. Robert Marshall:
    It is a shame that Democrats are more willing to protect illegal immigrants rather than protecting our borders and caring for our own citizens. I am opposed to sanctuary cities and believe that we must do whatever is needed to protect our border. That starts by building a wall. I support building the wall without burdening citizens with higher taxes. We can accomplish the wall by supporting the bill sponsored by Senator Cruz to freeze El Chapo’s assests and using those resources to pay for the construction of the wall.

  8. I think Peggy is referring to this immigrant rights forum where Curran reassurd illegal immigrants that there would be no ICE raids in their community. Perhaps Peggy should have said participated in a townhall for illegals’ not held one. But either way the gist of her argument stands. Sheriff Curran stood with the illegals against Donald Trump haef line stsnce on immigration snd still lost.

  9. I disagree with Dr. Tarter. Military recruiters shouldn’t have let any illegal aliens join the military. When I joined the navy, I learned that recruiters ask for proof of citizenship. Each applicant, who were born in the U.S., must show his or her birth certificate. Each applicant, who was born in another country, must show proof that he or she is in the U.S. legally (naturalization certificate or visa). The recruiters, who let illegal aliens join, didn’t do their jobs correctly, and they might have committed crimes.

  10. It appears that Dr. Marshall is the only candidate who understands United States code regarding illegal immigration, and sanctuary cities. By taking a hard stance against these crimes, it allows Sheriff Curran to do what he likes best: pray to Jesus.
    THANKS Dr. Marshall.
    Yes, we have a sheriff who abrogates his responsibility to honor his oath of office, which is to protect the people, an and preserve the constitution.
    I have to agree with Peggy Hubbard about Sheriff Curran giving speeches to illegal aliens. I’ve heard him babble to them several times . Speaking to both sides of the issue, he should change his name to Flip Flopper. This week he sides with the illegals, next week it will be with the law that he claims to support.
    To my dismay, I heard that Ms. Peggy Hubbard, voted for President Obama, twice!
    I don’t know if this is true, but if it is, I would advise
    Dr. Marshall to tutor these folks.
    Dr. Tarter could save himself a lot of time if he quits writing about the unconstitutional antics of the Dreamers and starts studying United States law.
    As our friend Phil Collin’s observed: It is illegal for foreign nationals to serve in our military. The reason being, is that a foreign national will not show the same allegiance to the United States as a citizen would.
    Good luck to who ever runs against Durbin.

  11. The only candidate that is a true fighter against illegal immigrants is Peggy Hubbard…the rest are “soft” at best. That was quite evident from the forum they attended. Peggy knows how much illegals have hurt the black community.