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Op-Ed: We Two Will County Board members say “President Trump Did Nothing Wrong”



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By Steve Balich, Will County Board member –

Mike Fricilone and I represent Homer, Lockport, and Part of New Lenox on the Will County Board. People have asked us over and over about our feelings about the impeachment. We both feel the President has committed no crime and is being impeached because Democrat Socialists don’t like his policies.

The Democrat Socialists want to end the existing culture, morality, traditions, and capitalism as we know it. This destruction of the fabric of our country is needed for the Socialists to replace our current system with one that fails every time because Socialism gives total control to the government. Then all of us lose our freedoms.

The concept of free speech is under attack especially by our schools, the right of being innocent until proven guilty is reversed now, since an accuser is believed without any proof. The idea that statues that have been up for a very long time must come down was never made a law by congress, but political correctness by the Socialist media somehow makes this happen. The 2nd Amendment is under attack. The first thing a Socialist country does it take away the citizen's ability to defend themselves from the tyranny imposed by a government getting its authority through fear and punishment.

I can continue, but you get the idea.

Right now, there are two standards in the U.S.: One for the Socialist Democrats, and one for everyone else.

Hillary Clinton committed countless crimes hiding and destroying evidence, as well as giving deals with our uranium to Russia. Let’s not forget Bengazi lies, and on and on.

Vice President Joe Biden's shake down of Ukraine, and why his son having no credentials got hired for big pay, along with the sons of John Kerry, Mitt Romney, and Whitey Bolger.

US Congressman Adam Schiff lied to Congress and the American people over and over. The Obama administration spied and broke laws in an effort to frame Trump with the help of federal agencies and loyal bureaucrats.

President Trump did nothing wrong. Read the transcript. Look at the kangaroo impeachment inquiry. Understand Adam Schiff said his people talked to the whistleblower, then he says he did not know the identity of the whistle blower. Why aren't those who lie put on trial like General Flynn was? 

It's a double standard upheld by the media, numerous bureaucrats and elected officials in all sectors of government.

Mike Fricilone and Steve Balich stand with the President.


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