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Rossi: Dem’s Treasonous Impeachment Coup Attempt




By Randy Rossi - 

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has just put our great republic at risk by announcing that the Democrat controlled House would proceed with impeaching President Trump without having one iota of first hand evidence that he did anything wrong. At the incredibly biased House investigation run by the Dems, there were tons of opinions, presumptions, and 2nd and 3rd hand testimonies against President Trump from anti-Trump witnesses regarding his phone call with the president of Ukraine, but not one first hand testimony that President Trump said or did anything wrong.

In fact, the only firsthand evidence presented in their hearings was a direct conversation between our EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland and President Trump in which Sondland testified under oath that when he asked President Trump what he wanted from Ukraine, Trump said "I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. Tell Zelensky (president of Ukraine) to do the right thing". Sounds pretty impeachable right?

Democrat President Obama never sent one dollar of lethal military aid to Ukraine when Russia attacked the Crimea and Ukraine which broke a US treaty promise and put Ukraine's freedom at great risk. Dems were OK with that. After being elected, President Trump sent Ukraine hundreds of millions of dollars of lethal military aid but because he delayed additional aid for 5 weeks after a new Ukrainian president was elected to insure that there was no corruption and abuse of our tax dollars, the Dems went nuts and want to impeach him for that even though Trump did send that aid after getting nothing in return. Sounds pretty impeachable right?

Even worse for Democrats, when President Trump released the content of his phone call with Zelensky, they knew that they were in deep trouble and then launched the most dishonest and one sided impeachment investigation in US history. They would not allow Republican witnesses with direct contact with the president and only allowed pro-Democrat witnesses with 2nd and 3rd hand testimonies. They would not even allow Republicans to cross examine the "Whistle Blower" whose letter written under Democrat assistance which was used to launch the phony impeachment inquiry was incorrect and provably wrong. 

This Democrat impeachment attempt is the greatest abuse of power we have ever seen in American history. It is the 2nd treasonous coup attempt by Dems to impeach President Trump for purely political reasons. For 2 1/2 years Dems accused President Trump of colluding with Russia to defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton and they were decimated when the Mueller Report concluded "There was no collusion with the Trump campaign or anybody associated with it and the Russian government". So they launched their phony Ukraine impeachment attempt. As law Professor Turley testified under oath in the House, once we allow impeachments to succeed for purely political reasons, no future presidents of either party will ever be safe from impeachment and that will destroy our republic. He also said that the House was abusing their power because they were trying to impeach the president for not letting his staff testify. That is a dispute that must be settled by the Judicial branch, not the House.

If the US Senate and the American people allow the Dem controlled House to succeed in their treasonous coup attempt, it will be a perfect example of what Founding Father John Adams warned us about when he said "There has not been a democracy yet that has  not committed suicide". Not only should this Democrat coup attempt be stopped, the American people must severely punish those Democrats that led, supported, and voted for this treasonous coup attempt in the 2020 elections. It is time to flush the DC toilet to protect our Constitution, Bill of Rights, traditional American values, and our great republic!


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