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We Deliver for Who? USPS Financial Woes Continue; Congressional Reform Unlikely.




U.S. Postal Service continues to have financial woes. Kevin R. Kosar writes:

Government-run monopolies seldom succeed in the long run, and the USPS is no exception. Its survival will require reinventing the agency for the 21st century.

The USPS’s leadership and union heads have negotiated some small changes. Unfortunately, neither has shown much imagination. The agency — which once experimented with moving mail by rockets and pneumatic tubes — lost its innovation mojo long ago. The former postmaster general, who could neither persuade legislators nor conceive a new future for the agency, was recently eased into retirement. A replacement has not been nominated, leaving the agency directionless.

And Congress would need to act to affect a wholesale rebirth of the Postal Service. The Legislature needs to take a weed whacker to the thicket of laws, regulations and court and arbitrator rulings that entangle the agency.

[Kevin R. Kosar, “We Deliver for Who? USPS Financial Woes Continue; Congressional Reform Unlikely.,” RealClearPolicy, December 12]


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  1. The USPS is an anti-2nd amendment organization…. the sooner the USPS is gone the better.
    The USPS is the perfect example govt incompetence. High rates and high debt.
    Just like the commiecrat controlled Illinois state legislature.
    A well-respected financial magazine recently released the results of their study which ranked the least tax friendly states in the nation. Illinois was found to be the #1 least tax friendly state in the nation; not a surprise to many of us. The state of Illinois also ranks 50th, dead last in the ranking of states’ fiscal health by the Mercatus Center at George Mason University; even with Illinoisans having the heaviest overall tax burden in the nation. Illinois government is the best at being the worst. That’s what over 32 years under a democrat-controlled state legislature has given us. Beginning next year, Illinoisans will pay higher sales taxes on online purchases starting on January 1, 2020, which will require online marketplaces that facilitates sales between third-party users, such as eBay, to collect a 6.25% sales tax from online shoppers in Illinois. A second sales tax expansion taking effect January 1st will require out-of-state retail stores to begin collecting local sales taxes for online purchases, based on the location of packages delivered to Illinois shoppers. Retailers based out of state already collect the state sales tax from online shoppers in Illinois. I expect Illinois to retain the title of having the heaviest overall tax burden in the nation for the entire year of 2020. My question is when will the voters in this state learn; when will they learn and stop re-electing the same overspending politicians who are driving us to financial ruin! The number one heaviest tax burden and the nation’s worst financial health all in the same state, let that sink in for a while so you will realize how incompetent the democrat-controlled Illinois state legislature has been for over thirty years.
    And there are 9 new taxes beginning Jan 1, 2020