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14th CD Republican Jim Marter challenges opponents to propose US immigration plans



Pic_JMarter_2019OSWEGO IL – 14th CD Republican candidate James Marter says he has proposed ten changes that need to be made in the US immigration plan, ideas that others in the 14th CD Republican primary are not eager to discuss.

Amid the direct threats America faces from Islamic terrorist sponsor states like Iran, and radical Islamic terrorist organizations, the US has a porous southern border terrorists are exploiting, putting all Americans at risk. Marter's campaign said in a statement released over the weekend.

14th CD Democrat incumbent Lauren Underwood and US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refuse to pass immigration reform that secures the border, Marter's campaign said. The current status of immigration is detrimental. “Illegal Immigration affects jobs, national security and public safety. We need to get back to a commonsense approach,” Marter said. “It is driving down the wages of hard-working Americans.”

Marter said he supports building the wall, enforcing existing immigration law and implementing new, measurable steps to address the crisis. Marter's campaign released 10 highlights of his Border Security Plan:

  1. Mandatory E-Verify, eliminating the illegal jobs market.
  2. A biometric entry/exit system. (Recommended by the bi-partisan 9-11 Commission)
  3. End birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and foreign visitors.
  4. Require law enforcement to report non-citizens in criminal custody to ICE.
  5. Expand expedited removal of illegal aliens with criminal convictions.
  6. End catch-and-release, that wastes resources and puts communities at risk.
  7. Deny visas if a nation refuses to repatriate their citizens.
  8. Reform the judicial process in immigration courts.
  9. Restrict asylum to the internationally recognized definition.
  10. Allow Border Patrol access to all federal lands.

"The steps outlined will re-establish the integrity of the Immigration System and would make great strides toward ending illegal immigration, while assisting struggling American workers, and making our communities safer," Marter said.

He furter asserted his "opponents in the Republican primary are soft on immigration and haven't been speaking out to build the wall or crack down on corporate cheaters. They apparently subscribe to enabling corporations to keep wages low for American workers." 

“I’m amazed at the lack of courage from my primary opponents,” Marter said. “They aren’t even talking about the issue, which tells me, a vote for them means more of the same or possibly worse. It's time for action on Immigration, it’s not enough to talk a good game about a 'broken immigration system' and 'reform' on the campaign trail. The rhetoric has never been followed up by real change.”

The GOP Primary election in the 14th CD will take place on March 17, 2020. 


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  1. Yep, the rest are basically Rinos and that’s why I would be voting for Marter if I lived in this district. I hope he can get enough money to mail this to every Republican household in the district to embarrass the rest of the Chamber of Amnesty slaves running as “Republicans”.

  2. One more. E-Verify should be used by the election authority to flag registered voters who are non-citizens. Those flag could then present evidence as to why E-verify is wrong or admit that they should never have been registered. Non-citizens who actually voted should be deported.

  3. I would be interested in speaking with you as soon as possible and I would like to offer you my support I am sure there are some things I can do to help your candidacy. You can contact me through my email address Thanks

  4. Why would I waste my vote on a PERENNIAL Candidate who can get his act together. With all his campaigns and he can not raise money. All he has ever done is run sad campaigns. And yet here is another. DON’T waste your vote folks! He has NO voting record so you have No idea what he will really do. The only thing that is solid is his Losing Record.

  5. Hi Gene, my name has only been on the Ballot twice in Illinois, not counting Precinct Committeeman. Took on two of the biggest RINOs in the state 2016/2018, who were backed by the biggest RINOs in the state, with ILL GOP money paying for all the mailers in 2018 in a Primary, check with the FEC if that legal.
    So you are suggesting we vote for one of the two State Senators, one whose been running since 2000 in more than 6 races before winning. The other with a 2018 ACU score of 52%, that’s a big fat F in my book, she voted for the gas tax, amongst other bad votes, while the first one voted present lacking any courage.
    Because according to your logic no one should ever elect a non-elected official with a voting record. Makes a lot of non-sense.
    And yes SIR I have a record, of standing up 100% for the actual Republican Party Platform and Conservative values I was one of the 80 County Chairman who called for and signed onto the minority report to allow the floor vote to protect the Party Platform in Peoria in 2016.
    I stood up, when no one else would, to establishment RINOs at the very highest levels of elected offices, both as a candidate and as the KENDALL COUNTY REPUBLCIAN Party Chairman, which by the way you have to be elected TWICE to hold that office once. I was the first and maybe only of 102 County Chairman to announce that I withdrew my support of Gov. Rauner in August 2017 when he made Illinois a sanctuary state. It’s still on my page. Yes that’s right, one month before I doubled down when he signed HB40 and made ILLINOIS the abortion capital of the MIDWEST if not America. Long before Jeanne Ives entered the race. Right now four of my opponents were all on BOARD with Team Rauner 2018 Primary, after these and much more disastrous laws enacted by Rauner, you are suggesting we support one of the Team Rauner candidates?
    One side note: 4 Republicans swept all 4 seats in the Oswego Village Elections CE 2019 with record vote totals and record voter turnout. 1) as Party Chairman I was the first to run REPUBLICANS in local races, when establishment Republicans where against it. 2) I was the winning campaign manager for all 4 candidates, in a Jurisdiction that Lauren Underwood Defeated Randy Hultgren 5 months earlier. One of the names one the ballot was James Marter my oldest son.
    I have a record sir, what’s yours? When did you stand up for the Conservative Republican values and positions.