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Rossi: The Democrat’s Incredible and Endless Hypocrisy




By Randy Rossi - 

Sadly your internet connection would break down if I tried to cover the long list of examples of hypocrisy the Dems have used to falsely slander President Trump and Republicans but here are just two outrageous examples of Democrat hypocrisy for you to consider.

First, we have watched Dems ruthlessly attack President Trump’s decision to terminate Iranian Soleimani, the world’s worst terrorist who has killed 608 Americans and tens of thousands of innocent people in the Middle East after he killed another American and coordinated an attack on our embassy in Iraq which is an act of war. Yet the same Democrats rejoiced when President Obama ordered our military to secretly go into Pakistan to kill Osama bin Laden. In neither case did either Trump or Obama inform Congress or the country in which those terrorists were killed which makes perfect sense and was appropriate in both cases. Both bin Laden and Soleimani were labeled terrorists and  Soleimani was labeled a terrorist by the UN, EU, and America under President Obama. While bin Laden was essentially “retired” when Obama terminated him, Soleimani was preparing a major new attack on America and our allies when President Trump had him terminated.

While Republicans celebrated the death of Osama bin Laden along with Democrats because it was good for America and the world, Democrats have freaked out and attacked President Trump for doing exactly the same thing as President Obama did and also made the world a safer place. Isn’t that a perfect example of hypocrisy? Doesn’t it prove that Democrats hate President Trump more than they love America, our safety, and justice?  

The second perfect example of this massive Democrat hypocrisy is their attacks on Republicans in the Senate for following the Constitution in regards to how they handle the House Democrat’s unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral impeachment charade. Democrats in the House were just fine with not allowing President Trump’s team their Constitutional right to cross examine his “whistle blower” accuser which is a right every American has. House Dems also would not allow Trump’s team to bring forth one witness that would clear him and they did not identify one single law Trump broke or provide one single direct witness that President Trump did anything wrong. That is a clear example of an illegal and real abuse of power which directly attacks our Constitution and the rule of law.

But now Dems are freaking out because Republican Majority Leader Senator Mitch McConnel is simply following Constitutional rules for judging the House Dem’s pathetic impeachment charade. Republican Majority Leader Senator McConnel’s job as the leader of the Senate is not to support the House’s purely partisan, illegal, unconstitutional, and slanderous impeachment charade; it is to simply judge the lousy case Democrats made and clear President Trump if the House impeachment charade does not prove him guilty. While Dems in the House were perfectly OK with breaking the law to impeach President Trump for purely political reasons, they are outraged that Republican Senator Mitch McConnel is scrupulously following the Constitution and rule of law to judge if House Dems have proven President Trump guilty of breaking the law. Any informed person knows that President Trump not only did not break the law, it was Democrats that broke the law and attacked his Constitutional rights to illegally and immorally impeach him for purely political reasons

Actually, for any American who understands the rule of law, justice, and our Constitution; the Democrat’s impeachment charade is an insult to our Constitution and the rule of law and it is phase 2 of the Democrats illegal coup attempt to kick out a duly elected president. Hopefully Americans will be outraged by this massive and destructive Democrat hypocrisy and flush the D.C. “swamp” of these hypocritical, slanderous, and destructive Democrats in the 2020 elections that are putting our great republic in so much danger.


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  1. “Nervous Nancy” is going completely nuts, now to the point
    she is actually THREATENING McConnell.
    This weekend she said “You’ll be sorry if you don’t allow
    the House to bring in witnesses!”
    If anyone should be impeached and removed it’s Nancy, but the Constitution doesn’t allow for that option regarding members of the House of Representatives.