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Tarter responds to Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement



Screen Shot 2020-01-24 at 3.02.24 PMSPRINGFIELD – Earlier this week, the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of Republicans committed to LGBT rights, announced their pick in the March 17th GOP primary for US Senate. 

Their pick, Springfield area cancer surgeon Tom Tarter, had answered the group's questionnaire satisfactorily, earning him their support.

"Dr. Tarter wil be a strong voice to fix our broken healthcare system. He supports the President, he's a conservative, and he supports inclusion in the Republican Party," said Alex Walker, the Log Cabin Republicans' communications manager.

Tarter responded to the group's endorsement and confirmed that he was also standing by the positions he took on the Illinois Family Action's questionnaire as well. IFA is a firm supporter of the traditional family and opponent of groups and movements that work to limit religious rights when they collide with LGBT rights.

"As a candidate for U.S. Senate, I meet with everyone who supports Republican candidates. I appreciate the support of the Log Cabin Republicans, but I stand strongly by the conservative answers provided in my survey taken for David Smith and Illinois Family Action," Tarter said in response. 

He then went on to say another of the five Republicans running for the US Senate nomination in 2020 may have also pursued the group's backing.  

"When I spoke to the Log Cabin Republicans, there was another conservative candidate/officeholder who also spoke to them and answered their questions," Dr. Tarter said in a statement. 

Illinois Review reached out to former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran and asked if he – who is a conservative candidate and past office holder – had sought the Log Cabin Republicans' endorsement, and he said "No, absolutely not." 

No other of the GOP candidates have held public elected office, other than Curran. 

FOLLOW UP – When Illinois Review asked the Log Cabin Republicans whether they hold a position on transgenders in the military or the Equality Act – questions Illinois Family Action asked on their survey for which Tarter said he opposed both, the group responded Friday afternoon, "We have no comment on that at this time."


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  1. Yes, they could all be playing games. Tarter could be talking about another office like Congress and implying Curran was the candidate the Log Cabin people were talking to when he wasn’t. But knowing Curran as I do, I don’t trust a thing he says.
    None of these people can beat Durbin. The question is who will do the best in helping other candidates win, especially downstate where we have three vulnerable Republican House seats. Curran is an embarrassment who has already walked away from the conservative movement. At this stage, I have to go with Tarter, although he should have been smart enough to not even talk to the Log Cabin types.

  2. Was it the candidate who says he is a fiscal conservative but social moderate. Dr. Robert Marshall proudly calls himself a social moderate. At a Cook county meeting, he told the audience he supported gay marriage and wants to push for equal rights for LBGTQ members. So, my guess is the other “conservative” would be Dr. Robert Marshall. In the Daily Herald Interview today, Dr. Marshall reiterated his social moderate stance. I guess, the only difference of opinion is that I wouldn’t call Dr. Marshall a conservative, he is a pro-choice Republican.