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Monday, June 5, 2023
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“It’s a Free Country!” Not Anymore.




The Southern Poverty Law Center tries to shut down pro-Christian crowdsourcing.

“It’s a free country!” How often have we heard people shout that! Usually as they do something wrong, something in no way protected by our actual laws or Constitution. So a nude neighbor prone on your lawn smoking a joint might say that when you complain. (I’ve lived in some colorful neighborhoods, FYI.)

Or a leftist on campus might say it as the pretext for ripping down pro-life fliers. Or Antifa members menacing a TV commentator like Tucker Carlson outside his home. That phrase is the last thing cops usually hear as they drag some felonious #FloridaMan into the paddy wagon and haul him off.

We all cite “freedom,” because individual rights are the only language we speak anymore in America. We can’t cite the “common good.” So even when we decide to override individual rights in pursuit of that common good, we have to pretend that we aren’t. Instead, we must claim that we are in fact defending some other, higher right. Even when that’s clearly nonsense.



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