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The 1619 Project’s Outrageous, Lying Slander of Abe Lincoln




The New York Times’ 1619 Project has aimed at nothing less than a revolutionary reinterpretation of the entirety of U.S. history, “re-centering” African Americans as the sole banner-carriers of America’s principles, even as they have been ruthlessly smashed down, enslaved, and obliterated from memory by more numerous and more powerful whites.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison come in for bashing. So does Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln? Jefferson and Madison, we know, were slave owners. But Lincoln? The author of the Emancipation Proclamation?



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  1. Lincoln was not the completely great hero is is usually portrayed to have been.
    Like many in politics, both then and today, he had his own economic interests to advance and protect.
    I suggest reading LINCOLN UNMASKED, and THE REAL LINCOLN, by Thomas J. DiLorenzo, for another view of “Honest” Abe.