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Pritzker goes to CNN to demand Trump, feds provide more sources during “national emergency”



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CHICAGO – Illinois' Governor JB Pritzker was on CNN Sunday morning complaining about how difficult it has been for him to acquire personal protective equipment for Illinois medical staff from the Trump Administration.

"It's the Wild West out there," Pritzker said, upset that Illinois was being forced to compete on the world market for the needed equipment. He went on to call on the president to demand private manufacturers join an effort to make those in-demand items.

He went on to point to the federal government's delays in making policy adjustments quick enough to save states from being "on their own." 


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  1. Pritzker with Madigan have wasted our tax money. The people in Illinois are living with Pritzker high tax to a higher tax.
    Corruption is the reason Illinois is begging for what it already has.
    Saving lives is important as Pritzker says. Yet the ovens of Planned Parenthood are still burning in Illinois. The target is our Jew and Black babies. The ovens of the National Socialist are continuing in Illinois. These oven should be stopped in this crises.
    Love Saves Lives
    Carl Lambrecht

  2. TRUMP SAID the states themselves should pursue all avenues to locate what they need, and would find what they need sooner and get it quicker if they did so.
    Cry-Baby Pritzker apparently expects Washington to do it all for him, and for stuff to appear magically, instantly.
    Illinois is a “manufacturing state (or at last WAS) so some of what is required might be being made right here.
    For example, a distillery near Sycamore is now setting up to make hand sanitizer.
    And appearing on liar TV CNN is no way to gain public sympathy.

  3. He doesn’t understand localism, if he was a true leader he would be working the issues directly with the businesses and communities in the state vs. going to Washington. What he wants is the nationalization of businesses like Pelosi and Schumer wants in the Senate bill.

  4. Help me understand this; somebody that has been criticizing Trump for the past 3 years for being a dictator wants Trump to be a dictator and decide who gets medical equipment. Right…
    Anyone that wants to know what life is like living under “democratic socialism” gets to experience it in IL.

  5. A good crisis should never go to waste, even if you have to invent one. New York has a crisis, as does California, Washington state and Oregon. Illinois was being ignored.
    Illinois Democrats have swept funds from every department which underspent its budget (even temporarily) to pay for past mistakes. Now Pritzker is looking for a new source of vigourish.

  6. Pritzker thought that the job of Governor would a succession of parades and ribbon cuttings. He is not ready for prime time.
    He signed an unbalance budget in 2019 and relied upon higher gas taxes to provide Illinois with some coin to shore up. How’s that working revenue stream working with folks staying home and with the price of gasoline plummeting and everyone within shouting distance of the border filling up out of state?