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Thorner: Is the Coronavirus Eroding Our Freedom?




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By Nancy Thorner –

Climate change panic is causing us to destroy our ability to produce efficient and affordable energy, endangering the energy grid needed to power civilization, throwing hundreds of thousands out of work, and causing social havoc for future, if not dubious, environmental gains.

The current hysteria of the Covid-19 panic is causing society to shut down in front of our eyes. Our entire way of life is being upended, if not suspended. The difference between it and Climate Change is merely the speed with which we are willing to pay a price. More here and here

Mitchell Shaw

Mitchell Shaw is a freelance writer and content creator that focuses on matters related to the Constitution and liberty. A privacy nerd since before it was cool, he hosts and produces the Enemy of the [Surveillance] State podcast.

Mr. Shaw had this to say in an article for the New American on Wed., March 18, Surveillance State Seizes Coronavirus Pandemic as Opportunity to Expand.
Shaw cites the advice of Rahm Emanuel to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” The Surveillance Hawks in both government and Big Tech are seizing the “opportunity” provided by the coronavirus pandemic to increase surveillance of citizens.
As reported by The Washington Post:
“The U.S. government is in active talks with Facebook, Google and a wide array of tech companies and health experts about how they can use location data gleaned from Americans’ phones to combat the novel coronavirus, including tracking whether people are keeping one another at safe distances to stem the outbreak.”
Said Shaw: “With coronavirus quarantines, curfews, and other government-mandated measures leading the news, it is hard to keep up with all that is happening. One thing is becoming clear, though; individual liberties are taking a beating at the hands of the State.”
“If the coronavirus scare continues to put Americans in a position to sacrifice individual liberties, the world that existed less than a month ago may be ancient history. More and more government surveillance and government control may be the “new normal” from which America may never return.”
Alex Newman
Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, and consultant. Alex has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to WND (World Net Daily), an education writer for FreedomProject Media, a foreign correspondent for The New American magazine, a contributor to the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, and more.
The Deep State is weaponizing the response to the coronavirus and putting all our liberties at risk, said international journalist Alex Newman in a video about the weaponization of coronavirus.  Almost every agenda the Deep State has been pushing for years is being dramatically accelerated in response to the virus.  
As Newman indicated, the government historically has been much more dangerous than the viruses.  Giving up our freedoms under the guise of saving us from the virus will not save us from the virus, but it will destroy our liberty and prosperity, harming many more people than the virus.
All agenda items that have been pushed by the Deep State are now being manifested in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few month ago.  
The following concerns were expressed by Newman: 
  • Cashless Society Agenda - A move to get rid of all cash, which allows the American people to have sense of privacy.  Democrats tried to sneak a "digital dollar" scheme in the stimulus bill. There is already a ​proto-global-currency system in place ​run by the IMF known as "Special Drawing Rights" or SDRs.
  • Threat by federal and state government to commandeer privately owned resources.
  • Threat of ​martial law to enforce ​police-state measures to keep people in their homes ​and away from church, work and other constitutionally  protected activities. 
  • Talk of mandatory vaccines when ​individuals should free to decide for themselves ​what sort of medicine to take, or not.
  • An economic collapse in which the Deep State and major banks would come in and scoop up everything for pennies on the dollar, much like what occurred after the stock market crash of 1929 and the Great Depression
  • Federal Reserve, as a  private cartel of private banks, creates money out of nothing and pumps into economy with interest that must be paid back, much of which is being used to buy real assets (like stocks and bonds) with fake money.'

Such moves could take place under the pretext of dealing with the virus on a global scale, but tyranny is never a good excuse to anything.

Despite Newman's concerns, he did see a silver lining.  This nation will end its dependence on China for its drug manufacturing and American will realize the indoctrination taking place in our public schools and choose to home school their children.

Newman expressed regrets that the American people weren't better prepared for coronavirus with supplies in their house three months ago.

Mr. Newman's biggest concern is what the Deep State will do to to force us to surrender our liberties, crash our economy, and fundamentally transform life in the U.S. 

Clare M. Lopez
Clare M. Lopez is the Founder/President of Lopez Liberty LLC. She formerly served as Vice President for Research & Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and was a career CIA operations officer. To read more reports by Clare M. Lopez, Click Here.
As Clare M. Lopez wrote in her article published Sunday, March 22, 2020, Yes to Confronting Coronavirus, No to Surrendering Liberty
  • "The temptation to turn to government in times of crises is natural.
  • So is the willingness to allow government to follow its natural inclination to seize ever more power for itself. But in that way lies a slippery slope to socialism — a half-step away from communism/Marxis
  • That is not the direction a free people want to go in."
Lopaz then referred to what is before us in Communist China:
  • Xi Jinping’s regime responded to the outbreak as an utterly ruthless, totalitarian authority: with brutal coercion, deliberate deception, and the censorship, detention, and disappearance of brave medical personnel who tried to sound the alarm.
  • China is spearheading a global disinformation campaign intended to deny all responsibility for the pandemic and shift blame to the United States.
  • The most recent piece of CCP’s campaign to shut down truthful reporting was its March 17 2020 decision to expel around a dozen U.S. journalists working for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.
Although Lopez praised the leadership of  President Trump and the administration’s White House Coronavirus Task Force headed by Vice President Mike Pence and the massive public-private partnership harnessing the resources of the federal government together with the incredible capacity of our free-market capitalist system to calm fears, she did have a words of caution:
"We need our government’s help in many ways right now, but government is not the solution. It’s there to help, not to take advantage of this crisis to grow the federal, state, or local bureaucracy even larger."
Further expressed by Lopez:
  • After a century of relentless growth, progressives would like to see this behemoth become even more vast, more complex — and less accountable. We must not surrender our own individual liberty so much that Bolshevik Bernie loses the race for president, but that we lose the Republic.
  • "You never want to let a serious crisis go to waste," was the war cry of Rahm Emanuel, another socialist progressive. This is an echo of Saul Alinsky’s "Rules for Radicals," which is about the collapse of society and seizure of power. Now, no serious American thinks that President Trump intends to unleash the liberty-crushing arrest, detention, social-credit, or surveillance measures wielded by China. But as we have been warned (by Thomas Jefferson?) "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance."
  • As Andrew McCarthy wrote recently, "It is not sustainable for government to combat the disease by ordering communal and commercial activity to cease, then trying to compensate increasingly destitute citizens by borrowing and printing money to throw at them."
Lastly, as we confront this crisis, let us be mindful of just how much authority we are ceding to a centralized government authority. We are a free society. If we relinquish that in a moment of fear, we may not get it back.  Progressivism, socialism, and communism await those who neglect that "eternal vigilance.
Dr. Birx pops coronavirus panic balloon
During the coronavirus taskforce briefing on Thursday, March 26, Dr. Deborah Birx rebuked much of the media's panic reporting about the number of estimated deaths related to the coronavirus and the state of America's medical supplies. 
As to the way the media is reporting about coronavirus, sensational reporting is not only causing unnecessary panic among Americans, but, having accepted restriction to their freedoms as a means to combat the coronavirus, Americans will be less likely to be concerned when other restrictions limiting their freedoms are issued by government. 


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  1. Trump says 100,000 deaths will be a victory. Trump extended the social distancing until April 30th. Your hero admits the issue. Yet you want MORE deaths so the wallets of people who pay you to lie to people here get fatter and do the payments to your bank account. you SELL OUT.
    as of this morning us has 147,000 cases. And if you believe in math this number will double every 2-3 days unless social distancing is implemented and crowded venues are banned.
    Hey Hon… why don’t you go catch this thing yourself.. Boy would your tune change. Because you are SELFISH and care not one iota about the lives of your fellow Americans. LOSER!!!

  2. The Second Amendment, the First Amendment, the Fifth Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment and the rest of the Constitution are unequivocal and living in a free society involves accepting certain risks. How about instead of using the coronavirus epidemic to suspend the Constitution we all act like responsible citizens, stay home and self-isolate if we are at risk, wash our hands, sanitize common surfaces, such as door knobs and grocery carts, get ourselves checked if we feel ill and keep our liberty.

  3. “Social Distancing” has been in effect since at least March 16, yet the rate of new infections has continued without a noticeable change. If we are to surrender our constitutional rights, it must be for good reason, with proof positive, and a date certain whereupon those restrictions will be lifted.
    We are subjected daily to a running score of casualties, as though this were a basketball game. That number can never go down, but the rate at which it rises will eventually fall. A certain percentage of those will incur serious consequences, and it is in our collective interest to minimize their suffering. Nobody denies that. However freedom lost is not so easily regained.
    As Ben Franklin said, “Those who trade liberty for safety will ultimately have neither.”

  4. Monday, 3-30-20
    Jon Rappoport’s article today reveals that the COVID pandemic, which is supposed to be based on the PCA test results, is a fraud. The test doesn’t really measure who’s infected. It builds the picture of a global pandemic as an excuse to lock down the planet and wreck economies and lives…”
    So you say, ‘What about all the sick and dying people…why are they sick?” Answer: A NUMBER of conditions—none involving COVID, and most involving old traditional diseases—are making people sick.
    And Dr Richard Ruhling of Loma Linda Hospital, California says: “Billions of dollars are being lost in this Covid-19 crisis as the world is in panic; businesses close down due to the real pandemic … FEAR! It’s so needless when natural remedies and supplements work:
    Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Garlic, Echinacea, Turmeric, Colloidal Silver
    With coronavirus, there is a high rate of recovery. The world governments actions are outrageous. More here: https://www.jesus-our-blessed-hope.com/blog/health-without-fear-of-covid-19
    Excerpted from Jon Rappoport, https://blog.nomorefakenews.com/2020/03/30/corona-creating-the-illusion-of-a-pandemic-through-diagnostic-tests/

  5. Because the trump administration did nothing for TWO MONTHS. You think social distancing works overnight? just how purposely stupid are you? Social distancing prevents 2-3 people catching it from an infected person with NO SYMPTOMS and passing it on to 2-3 people each… it slows further spread. it does not stop folks already positive from being sick. Sick people today were exposed up to 2 weeks ago.. while Trump played GOLF!!
    Today we now have 175000 cases of covid in the USA. Stopping asian from traveling into the country did nothing because we let infected americans back in with NO TESTS AT ALL.

  6. Hi Annette,
    The Covid 19 pandemic is deadly serious. If you saw Trump’s press conference Tuesday, even he seems to be taking this seriously now. Please, I hope you do too. Don’t do down in history like Benjamin Rush who’s “cures” killed more than he save. Notice that his list of discredited “cures” was not unlike yours. Read this and please get serious: