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VA Rifle Ban Makes Legal Owners Felons



Unnamed (1)In January 20, 2020, the nation turned towards Virginia as a massive Second Amendment rally took place in Richmond. Why did this “Right to Bear Arms” rally occur? Because Virginians were afraid of an aggressive legislative agenda aimed at gun ownership in a historically pro–Second Amendment state.

The gun grab legislation that fueled the pushback was proposed on January 10, when House Bill 961 passed with a 51-48 vote. This dubious legislation, in short, would have prohibited the sale, transportation, and transferring of newly defined “assault firearms.” The ill-fated bill also would have banned magazines with a capacity of 12 or more rounds, suppressors, and other elements — restrictions that are anathema to many residents of Virginia.

Fortunately, on February 17, HB 961 died in the Virginia State Senate. Unfortunately, the bill will most assuredly be resurrected in the 2021 session. The fight is far from over. Yet there is much to be learned from this close call in the Old Dominion.



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  1. Many good points in this article, especially the “floating” definitions the left uses to determine what IS, or IS NOT, a so-called “assault weapon.”
    The Illinois legislature once wanted to include shotguns in that category. The way they were headed, anything that shoots would have been an “assault weapon.”
    Before becoming governor (and eventually a jailbird) George Ryan was the big man in the Illinois legislature. In the 1980s he appeared on TV news, waving a semi-auto rifle around in the capitol building chambers, yelling
    “We won’t permit these ‘MACHINE GUNS’ in Illinois!”
    YES! Jailbird George claimed semi-auto rifles were “machine guns.” This why we must always pay attention to how the left distorts definitions.