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Rossi: Political Coronavirus War is Killing Americans and Our Economy?




By Randy Rossi - 

As President Trump has correctly stated, the world is at war with an invisible enemy, Coronavirus. That war is not only killing Americans, it has taken over 10 million Americans out of work in just two weeks and cost our economy over $10 trillion in lost stock market value as we have essentially shut down our economy to protect the American people.

That took $10 trillion out of the IRA’s that 52% of Americans own and put all pension plans at risk. One would think that this is a time when all Americans of both political parties could unite,  but instead we are watching a vicious political war in which Democrats are constantly and slanderously attacking our Republican President who is aggressively doing everything possible to protect all Americans.

Here is a perfect example of that political war. In early January as Democrats were still trying to impeach President Trump using their failed “Impeachment Charade”, President Trump stopped all travel from China because it was the source for the Coronavirus which he felt threatened America’s safety. Democrats at the time said Coronavirus was not a major threat and that Trump was a “Xenophobe” and a “Racist” for stopping travel from China.

Now that 1.2 million people around the world have caught the virus and 68,000 have died from it and 312,000 Americans have been infected and 8,500 have died from it; nations all around the world have also stopped travel from China. They followed President Trump’s wise lead. Many countries have also stopped all travel into their countries. Even Democrat former VP Biden said President Trump did the right thing by stopping travel from China. President Trump’s brave and early action saved the lives of many Americans and bought America time to get ready for the Coronavirus “invasion”.

A perfect example of the insanity and destructive nature of this political war is the Democrat’s constant attacks on President Trump’s endorsement of giving Americans and their doctors the right to use Oxychloroquine and Azithromycin to save their lives from Coronavirus. Hard data from multiple tests in France, China, and now New York have shown that these two meds can save lives and dramatically reduce the recovery time for Coronavirus. New York has accepted 10,000 doses of these meds from President Trump to help their people. But Democrats constantly attack President Trump for supporting these two meds that have been around for decades and proven to be safe, effective, and inexpensive. A new poll of 6,227 doctors from around the world by Sermo shows that they think that Oxychloroquine is the #1 effective medicine against Coronavirus and Azithromycin is the #2 effective medicine. The #3 vote went to “nothing”! Yet I have watched Democrats and the “Fake News” attack President Trump’s endorsement of these two meds that save lives. The good news is that the FDA has just approved the use of these two drugs when prescribed by a doctor to treat Coronavirus. This Democrat resistance to these two successful medicines is killing Americans because they hate President Trump more than they love their fellow Americans and they don’t want to give him credit if they work.

This Coronavirus crisis is about as bad as it gets. Not only are Americans dying, having 10 million Americans lose their jobs in just two weeks is horrific, but experts say that as many as 47 million Americans could lose their jobs if this national shutdown continues for much longer. Many economic experts say that this disaster could result in a “Great Recession”. That could cause massive economic harm to Americans for years and create social chaos. Thankfully President Trump has successfully gotten Congress to pass multiple bills that will temporarily provide Americans and small businesses financial support that can get them through this Coronavirus crisis. And he and the federal government under his control have provided massive amounts of medical resources to the states to help them get through this. Whether it is having our military building mobile hospitals for cities and states that are running out of hospital space or sending navy hospital ships to Los Angeles and NY City to do the same, our president is taking aggressive action. He has also successfully put maximum pressure on US companies to make more medical supplies like masks and ventilators available to our states. And it is working. But President Trump is not only not getting credit, he is constantly being attacked by Democrats no matter what he does.

It is time to unite and defeat the Coronavirus before it not only kills many more Americans, but totally destroys our economy for years. There are only two ways to defeat a pandemic like this. First develop a vaccine but that will take roughly 12-18 months. Second is to quickly develop a safe cure that rapidly and successfully treats the virus and drastically reduces the seriousness of the threat and lets Americans go back to work until that vaccine is ready. We are working on both but we can’t wait 12-18 months for a vaccine so we need to rapidly make the only known cure, Oxychloroquine and Azithromycin available ASAP so we can save American lives and our economy until that vaccine is ready. The good news is that President Trump has confirmed that the U.S. government has accumulated over 29 million doses of these two drugs and much more is on the way. Let’s hope that in just a few weeks these two medicines are then made widely available and America can get back to work! That will take national unity which means Democrats have to stop their relentless attacks on a president that has done more to defeat a pandemic than any previous president in US history of either party.


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