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Batinick statement against Bailey



“Throughout the COVID crisis and frankly, my career, I have aimed for consistency.  I have consistently fought for Republican values.  I was the first sitting State Representative to officially call for the Speaker to resign.  Over the last few months, I have worked tirelessly to get more businesses and activities safely open.  In mid April, I formally asked the Governor to allow more small businesses to open, noting that spreading the public out instead of just having them at a few big box stores made economical, scientific, and common sense.  Last week I authored a letter than was eventually signed by 40 members of my caucus including Darren Bailey that outlined all of the devastating effects and human toll of the lockdown.  Lives are being dramatically affected and shortened because of the restrictions that have been placed on us the last few months.  Suicide calls have dramatically increased.  This includes younger individuals.  Domestic violence calls have increased.  Child abuse goes unreported because children are not in school.  Quite simply, history has taught us that poverty shortens life expectancy.  It was estimated that the last recession caused 260,000 excessive cancer deaths.  What will this one cause?

I have also supported the use of face coverings to help get back to normal as soon as possible.  While there were theories early on about their use, every study I have read since clearly states that the use of face coverings by a person helps stop the potential spread of COVID to another individual.  Since nearly half of the people with it don't show any signs of infection, this is important.  In addition, parts of the world with ubiquitous face covering use are not experiencing the size of outbreak that we are.  The real world results are the best confirmation.  In fact, a more recent study concluded that if 80% of the people wore face coverings that were only 60% effective the virus would die out without any other mitigation.  Imagine if that was our only inconvenience the last few months!

While COVID is harmless to most, it is devastating to the vulnerable population.  We do have several members who are compromised.  In caucus, many stories were shared—some with tears.  But the most compelling case made was of a Republican member who has a daughter in need of an organ transplant who passionately and politely asked that everyone wear a face covering.  Even if you disagree with the effectiveness of face coverings, it seems like a small request when weighed against what another member feels is the safety of their daughter.

Our focus needs to be elsewhere.  Yesterday was a great day for us.  The $2500 penalty and jail time rule was withdrawn in JCAR.  More stores and restaurants will be opening soon.  These are some of the things I was fighting to achieve by offering solutions.  But our work is not done.  I have offered solutions and will continue to fight to get religious institutions open.  It is imperative that schools open in the fall.  These among other areas is where my time will be and should be spent.”


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