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COVID-19 and Flawed Statistics



Unnamed (1)Fudged figures and muddled modules highlight the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are drowning in a sea of suspect statistics, many being used selectively by power-hungry politicians. Especially Covid statistics.

Suppose an obese alcoholic 80 year old with hips replaced, diabetes, heart bypass, inflammation and high blood pressure gets the flu, then pneumonia, tests positive to Covid and dies. What is recorded as the cause of death?

It depends on who wants the figures and why.

Too often, politics and economics determine the outcome.

Does the hospital or physician get paid more for Covid patients? They will find more.

Are politicians pushing their Orwellian tracking devices or industrialists pushing universal compulsory vaccinations? Do politicians who control the health industry want a declining trend to prove their competence, or a rising trend to get more funds or to embarrass other politicians?



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