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Hundreds call to “Re-open Illinois” at State Capitol



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SPRINGFIELD – Hundreds met up at the Illinois State Capitol steps Friday, calling for Governor Pritzker to "Reopen Illinois." 

Three women – Krystin Dodge, Kathryn Ballard and Erica Hafferty organized the rally which they said in a press release was to call for "a peaceable assembly to redress our grievances with how the government is disregarding our God-given rights in disregard of the protections against government provided for by the Constitution and our state laws."

Illinois State Representative Darren Bailey urged those attending to stand firm in their call to "reopen Illinois," and then led in prayer for the state and the people afflicted with COVID.
The organizers encouraged people to either stay in their cars or join the protest on the Capitol Steps.
"We firmly believe that business owners and all citizens of Illinois are capable of operating responsibly and in the best interest of themselves, employees and customers.  Illinoisans should have the freedom to implement their own policies regarding customer contact," they said. 
They said the governor has "trampled on our rights by going far beyond the lawful power of his office.

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The group listed six reasons why Illinois should "reopen" on May 1: 

  • Nearly 500,000 Illinois workers have filed for unemployment compensation – forced upon them by Pritzker's executive orders
  • Illinois citizens' livelihood have been "hit the hardest"
  • Pritzker Administration has not formulated a plan to safely reopen despite weeks of shutdown
  • Small non-essential businesses should be able to open as essentials have been all during the shutdown
  • All businesses are "essential"
  • Illinois should open safely in days, not weeks or months

Left is Krystin Dodge, then Kathryn Ballard, then Erica Hafferty (Photos credit: Austin Davies)

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  1. For those worried about social distancing I would say you need to stay “totally” in your home. If you don’t then keep quiet please.I do believe these people have the right to protest and if they do it peacefully that is the right way.

  2. Thousands of small businesses & self employed people can’t get unemployment or financial aid… We are STARVING… Open Illinois… especially the counties that do not have cases like Cook County… its a BIG state. Not just Chicagoland. 😪

  3. We were in Springfield in a car due to having 2 pit bulls with us. We circle the building several times fly a large American flag thru the sunroof. Great crowd, very vocal in thier opposition to Pritzker
    Thanks so much to Kristin, Kathy, and Erica for all your hard work

  4. As long as you have a good healthy immune system CoVid is not a threat to you!!! But sadly, that is a fact that keeps getting lost in all this!😖🤦🏻‍♀️ I am considered to be in the “at risk” group because if my age; however, I do not have any underlying health conditions that make one vulnerable; and, I have a very strong healthy immune system. And therefore, I have zero fear of this virus taking me out!!! But, FYI, I also saw those who it is a threat to who chose to protest in a mask and kept a 6 ft distance while there to keep themselves protected as they exercised their Constitutional rights.👍

  5. My work all went away and I filed unemployment while office still open Never got a cent all I get is phone number whichich says go online that doesnt work eben tho knows my claim says to try a different number which says call first number tried online help and 5 weeks later got response to gp online or call one of the numbers 😲

  6. Agree. People need to be outside in fresh air and sunshine; not quarantined inside. However, we learned in high school biology that the smallest unit of life is a cell. Viruses are much smaller than a cell. You can’t kill viruses because they’re not living. The etymology of the word virus derives from the Latin word “poison”. The virus cannot reproduce. It is nothing more than toxic material the cell excretes. When cells die, they rupture releasing their DNA. Cells are dying naturally all the time, and the remains are there until the body can clean up and remove the waste. This process of what they are claiming is an ‘evil virus attacking the cell and making copies of itself’ is a complete fabrication! If your life style is unhealthy, you are going to have more cells dying and have more waste material. It’s not that you caught a disease from someone else, it was latent in you due to your life style.

  7. I think it’s pretty OBVIOUS what her point is, Janne. If it’s good enough for Walmart, Lowes, the grocery store, the liquor store, and Planned Parenthood, then it’s perfectly fine at an OUTDOOR rally. Duh!

  8. Most of our rights, freedoms, and the ability to provide for our families…have been taken away from American citizens throughout our nation, without a single shot being fired. Our Founding Fathers would be reloading by now.