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From The Center Square

Several counties in central and southern Illinois are preparing to issue their own plans to reopen their economies, despite Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s extended stay-at-home order and his five-phase regional plan to reopen Illinois.

Many businesses across the state that have been deemed nonessential – such as small business retailers or dine-in restaurants, salons and gyms – have been closed to the public since March 21.

Pritzker's most recent stay-at-home order runs through May 30. This week, the governor released his “Restore Illinois” plan that has the state in Phase 2 of a five-phase plan. The final phase only comes about if there’s a vaccine, widely available treatment for COVID-19 or herd immunity. 

From Edgar County Watchdogs

A Paris Illinois business closed due to Governor Pritzker's stay-at-home order that he began renewing after the first 30 days statutorily-allowed. The business owners point directly to the governor with signs left on their business walls:

"Thanks JB Pritzker" and "Higher Tax = You Suck" 


From Wirepoints'  Ted Dabrowski and John Klingner

It only takes a glance at Illinois’ statewide COVID-19 data to realize what a big difference there is between Chicagoland and the rest of the state.

COVID-19 deaths in Illinois are heavily concentrated in the Cook and collar counties, where more than 2,200 lives had been lost as of May 1st. In contrast, much of the rest of the state has been largely spared. More than half of the state’s counties have zero deaths.

From Illinois Policy Institute

Illinois’ self-employed workers have been unable to receive assistance since the pandemic began. Now the state wants them to apply, be denied, and apply again for help.

Since Illinois’ stay-at-home order began at the end of March, nearly 913,000 workers have sought unemployment insurance, with many fighting the state computer and phone systems to file claims.

As bad as some have had it, independent contractors and gig workers have had it worse. Even though federal dollars were available for them on March 27, they were told not to even bother applying until the Illinois Department of Employment Security figured out how to fix its computers to accept their claims. Then on April 13 Gov. J.B. Pritzker said they would be able to apply starting May 11.

From Illinois Family Institute

… Is the media responsible in its reporting, helping its audience to act wisely during a pandemic? Or is the media using fear tactics to get more viewers, listeners, and readers? And if the latter is true, does this amount to sustained psychological warfare


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