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Pritzker to face another lawsuit – this one from Will County



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MOKENA – Will County Board member Steve Balich says in a YouTube Wednesday that he just left his attorney's office – Bruggemann & Hurst in Mokena Illinois – after filing a federal lawsuit against Governor Pritzker and the state of Illinois for damages.  

Will County GOP Chairman George Pearson, Will County Board member Steve Balich, pet groomer Samantha L. Palya, a non-essential worker Amanda Hameran are all co-plaintiffs in the lawsuit filed with the US District Court Northern District of Illinois – Eastern Division.

"I've gotten all kinds of calls from businesses complaining about why they're not open," Balich said. "I don't have a good answer. People are suffering, people of my district are crying out to me to do something. So I filed this lawsuit." 

Pritzker faces lawsuits from two Republican lawmakers, as well as three Springfield business people: a hair salon owner and a restaurateur with two establishments. The cases argue the governor has neither constitutional nor statutory power to implement consecutive 30-day COVID-19 state of emergency orders. 

The Will County complaint focuses on the US Constitution's Fifth Amendment and the state of Illinois' Article 1, Section 15: 


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  1. Excellent presentation of an absurd edict issued by our perhaps well-meaning Governor of Illinois who is “absolutely clueless” as to what the rest of his state looks like and how it operates. He seldom if ever gets away from Chicago, Illinois to drive to central or southern Illinois.. His “one size fits all” edict for Illinois simply illustrates how out of touch with his constituency that he really is. J.B. was “born to the manor” and grew up in a gilded cage. He isn’t capable of identifying with the people living in his own state of Illinois. His has tag should be “Clueless in Chicago”. (Sorry Tom Hanks and Seattle). For Grundy County to be lumped in with the same group of counties as Cook County is ludicrous. Anything going south of Interstate 80 is like walking out of the Amazon jungle and driving into Montana or Wyoming when it comes to population density.

  2. The 14 day mitigation and quarantine should had ended on April 15, 2020. Its time to put a mask on and go back to work. If you feel unsafe, stay at home. Many feel a shutdown should had never happened.
    Pritzker and Lightfoot are misusing resources like 400 Chicago Police Officers and 250 traffic aides guarding the beaches and lakefront from healthy jjoggers, bikers, boaters, and dog walkers while totally ignoring nursing homes where 50% of the deaths are occurring.
    Lightfoot has city employees installing snow fences in parks with city workers rather then having them clear flooded streets in neighborhoods. Thousands of sewer drains need to be cleared on city streets, yet Lightfoot has city workers chasing people out of parks,
    They are allowing thousands of stores to open yet they are keeping churches closed. Why?
    Pritzker and Lightfoot are endangering lives with this shutdown. Illinois needs to reopen today.
    Here was an article in IR on the churches.