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Ridings: The COVID revelation: What the Left insists is “settled science” is really “ideology”



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By Jim Ridings –

I will never again wonder how Adolf Hitler got the German people to follow him to their destruction. I am seeing it today.

I am amazed by the Democrat governors and mayors who have issued unconstitutional orders shutting down businesses and putting millions of people out of work, using law enforcement agencies to arrest shopkeepers who are trying to earn enough money to stay alive, or go to church, or walk on the beach, and locking down citizens under house arrest.

Governors cannot suspend the United States Constitution because they fear a virus that is less deadly than the average annual flu, or for any other reason.

I am even more amazed at all the people who have willingly complied and surrendered their basic liberties and freedoms without a whimper.

I have noticed that it mainly is liberals who comply willingly, while conservatives are standing up for liberty and for the American way of life we have always taken for granted.

I think it is because liberals have a natural tendency towards totalitarian forms of government. They favor socialism and communism. The situation today is the natural system of Big Government they have always craved.

They want the nanny state from cradle to grave. Well, they have it. Listen to the liberal politicians who tell you what to do, and listen to the news media which is controlled by liberals.

They can spout all they want about safety and science, but they are cowards and they want to be told how to live.

There are some of us who reject that. These dictators do not realize that Americans are naturally a free people, and will not sit still for this.

This virus didn’t create tyrants in the Democrat Party. It merely exposed them.

And as for these politicians who want to keep the country locked down say we must “trust science” concerning the Covid19 virus.

Trust science? What science are you talking about? Political science, where one set of scientists say one thing and another set of scientists say the opposite, depending on who is paying them?

The scientists who say we must wear a mask, and the next day say masks don’t offer any protection? The scientists who say every surface must be sanitized, even a gas pump handle between customers, and the next day say the virus doesn’t transfer on surfaces?

The scientists who say it’s all right to go to WalMart with 300 other people, but it’s hazardous to go alone to a state park?

The scientists whose every projection about this virus has been wrong?

The scientists who spent millions turning McCormick Place into a 5,000-bed hospital to handle the overflow of patients, only to have it dismantled a few weeks later when it wasn’t being used?

The scientists who say that church is not essential but abortion clinics are?

The scientists who say businesses must stay shut until May 29, but on May 30 we will be safe from the virus? The scientists who claim that a lockdown will protect people from the virus, or the scientists who say going out will provide a herd immunity for the public?

The scientists who claim everyone in their 80s and 90s who die are covid-19 victims…and who admitted they lied about the number of cases and deaths?

The scientists who think the entire world must be shut down, people locked inside their homes, millions thrown out of work, stores put out of business permanently, the economy ruined, just because a few of them are afraid of this strain of the flu, a strain that has killed fewer people than the regular flu does every year, and a strain that has a 99 per cent survival rate? 

The scientists who don’t even know what bathroom to use because they think there are more than two genders? The scientists who think it is all right to kill a baby up till the moment of birth because a woman’s choice to murder her baby is more important than that human being’s right to live?

The scientists who know for certainty what the average temperature of the earth will be in a hundred years, but can’t get tomorrow’s weather forecast right? The scientists who think “climate change” is real, who think the world is going to end by 1975 (insert changing date here)?

They cut off discussion by saying something is “settled science.” Well, science changes so quickly and information changes things so quickly that anyone who says it is “settled science” doesn’t know or believe in science. They believe in ideology.

— Jim Ridings lives in Herscher, IL


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  1. “Settled Science” is an oxymoron, because science is never settled. It is a phrase intended to stifle dissent, whereas true science invites it. Anyone is invited to reproduce the experiment and challenge the conclusions.
    In its basic form, science is a set of hypotheses used to explain natural phenomena, supported by experimental data. It evolves as our knowledge increases, and our view of the natural world. The concept of disease has evolved from fury of the gods, to doctrine of signatures, to the discovery of bacteria and (much later) viruses, whose only function is to produce copies of themselves.
    For anyone who has read or written a scientific paper, the facts come first and the conclusions are always last. In the political realm, the order is reversed. First the conclusions, then the facts come dribbling in.