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Tracking COVID-19 in Georgia



UnnamedOn April 24, the state of Georgia began reopening the economy. Famously, this reopening included barber shops, beauty salons, massage parlors and tattoo parlors.

“There’s nothing about this that makes sense,” said former Democratic candidate for Governor Stacey Abrams. “The mayors of Atlanta, Albany, and Savannah have all questioned the wisdom of doing this. And the fact is the governor didn’t consult with mayors before making this decision.”

“I’m perplexed that we have opened up in this way,” said Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms. “But as I look at the data and as I talk with our public health officials, I don’t see that it’s based on anything that’s logical.”

There’s enough data in now for us to contrast the trajectory of the disease in Georgia to its trajectory elsewhere in the country.

The data show no difference.



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