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We Wrecked Our Economy for Nothing




Imagine, if you will, an edict from your Mayor, Governor, the President, or all three. This edict targets you and 30 million other citizens simply because you are a member of a specific economic class or category of worker. Your vocation has been determined to be “non-essential.” The directive is clear. You will forgo your wages for an indeterminate period of time. You have no choice. If you fail to comply, you face fines and/or imprisonment. The stated objectives of all of this, are to preclude the medical system from being overwhelmed and to increase the lifespan of one million people, many of whom would perish within 6 months anyhow from already existing conditions.

This is exactly what has happened. 



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  1. ‘ve been doing a study on the Fauci Virus as a follow=up to a previous report laying the blame for all of this directly on Fauci’s doorstep. In the course of the study I found enough documentation to support a previous claim that the “those most vulnerable” were those individuals choosing poor lifestyles including homosexuality, smoking, obesity (and all it’s ramifications), and substance abuse. So to protect those individuals, we deliberately destroy the lives of millions of hard working Americans, destroy families, destroy or seriously harm businesses throughout the Nation and wreak havoc with our financial system. Way to go, you pathetic people on the left!