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Oberweis condemns rioting; Incumbent Lauren Underwood remains silent



Download-1SUGAR GROVE – In light of the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the subsequent protests that have turned violent, state Senator Jim Oberweis – who is running for Congress in Illinois' 14th CD – condemned the officers. 

“There is no question that George Floyd was the victim of a heinous crime. The officers who took an oath to uphold the law abandoned their oath and became violent criminals, and because of their actions, an unarmed person was tragically and unnecessarily killed in their custody. The video from the incident is hard to watch. It is barbaric and horrifying.

"It is understandable that this disturbing incident would spawn protests and demonstrations. Decent people understand that what is depicted in that video is an unspeakable miscarriage of justice and citizens do not deserve to be treated the way those officers treated George Floyd." Oberweis said in a statement.

He went on to condemn the rioting and looting nationwide.

"I support the right of Americans to demonstrate and protest peacefully, but I unequivocally reject the notion that rioting and looting in our communities is an acceptable response to Floyd’s death. Innocent people are getting hurt and innocent lives are being destroyed. Fighting injustice with more injustice is the wrong response. The need for accountability from both the death of George Floyd and the rioters and looters is something with which we should all agree.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 2.01.18 PMIn November, Oberweis is challenging Democrat incumbent Lauren Underwood, who won her seat in 2018 in the once-conservative 14th CD, which Donald Trump won by 17 points in 2016. 

Underwood has made no public statement on the riots – a noticeable silence, especially since Aurora – a big town in the 14th CD – was hit hard Sunday night and Naperville is being threatened Monday.

She's been called on it, but is thus far silent. 




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  1. Uncivilized acts, theft, and destruction of property is not protesting…. it’s a crime wave. The leftwing party of outrage sees white cop kill a black man. I see a corrupt cop kill a defenseless man. The two are not the same