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ComEd $200M fine will end up hurting Illinois residents, says GOP State Senate Candidate Eric Wallace



Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 1.09.00 PMOLYMPIA FIELDS – Eric Wallace, Republican nominee in the 40th Illinois Senate District, reacted to the breaking news that the United States Justice Department had levied a $200 million fine against Commonwealth Edison and have reportedly executed search warrants against long time Illinois Democrat Party Chair and House Speaker Michael J. Madigan in the continuing probe of official corruption in state politics.

“Once again the hard-working Illinois families are victimized by ‘Pay to Play’ politics of Springfield power brokers and the big business charlatans who enable their treacherous games,” said Wallace. “The wretched game these politicians play with lobbyists and those only interested in lining their own pockets has been a hidden ‘corruption tax’ that steals from every citizen every month when they pay their already inflated electric bills.”

Wallace went on to call for a complete house cleaning of Springfield.

“This latest tragic episode is another example of why Illinois needs wholesale reform. The notion that this is a victimless crime is a myth,” Wallace stated. “The terms of this finding of guilt by Commonwealth Edison states that the $200 million fine cannot be passed on directly to consumers. However, consumers will absolutely feel the effects of this political corruption, courtesy of the Illinois Democrat Party and its leader.

"The $200 million fine is money the company can’t invest in infrastructure, new technology, or other programs that benefit consumers. The company will have fewer personnel to respond to emergencies and other outages. This fine will have a negative impact on the company’s stock, which many middle-class families have their retirement funds invested in. The overall quality of service and reliability will suffer and our residents will be forced to pay higher rates regardless of what the decree states.”

Wallace then called on all Springfield politicians of both parties to call for Michael Madigan’s resignation as both Illinois Democrat Party Chair and House Speaker.

“Now, especially now, is the time to stand up and be counted. Every public official needs to call on Speaker Madigan to resign. Although every American carries a presumption of innocence until proven guilty, the accusations have made Speaker Madigan’s ability to lead the General Assembly during these unprecedented times impossible. Those officials who are sitting quietly waiting for this drama to play out, hoping not to be noticed, their silence is deafening.”

Furthermore, Wallace pointed to his R.I.S.E. principles he has been advocating for several years as a blueprint to help end the corruption that has had a stranglehold on Illinois government for many years. “The R.I.S.E. Principles are simple and just. The first is Responsible Government that every citizen expects and deserves. The second is Individual Liberty & Fidelity so every citizen has an opportunity to succeed in his or her chosen path. The third, Strong Family Values, we need to give more attention to building strong and healthy families, not fleecing them. The fourth is Economic Empowerment, so everyone has the resources to live their American Dream,” Wallace said.


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