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IL GOP Chairman calls for Speaker Madigan to resign amidst federal ethics scandal



Screen Shot 2020-07-17 at 3.33.29 PMCHICAGO – Friday, Illinois Republican Chairman Tim Schneider called on Illinois' Democratic Party Chairman and Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan to resign when a federal investigation revealed alleged underhand dealings between ComEd and Madigan – so much that ComEd is paying $200M to shut down the investigation.

Schneider said in a statement: 

Based on the evidence presented today by the United States Attorney’s Office, and in the context of months of revelations about the federal investigation into Speaker Michael Madigan and his closest associates, we believe it’s time for Speaker Madigan to do the right thing for Illinois and resign his office.

Governor Pritzker’s refusal to make such a clear statement may have to do with his own federal investigation into property tax fraud.  Perhaps he is concerned that calling on Speaker Madigan to resign will lead to calls for his own resignation.  We cannot discern when Governor Pritzker thinks Speaker Madigan should resign: next week, only when he’s indicted or only after he’s been convicted.  Nor can we discern whether Governor Pritzker will commit to resigning should the allegations against him bear truth.

The people of Illinois cannot afford this scandal to drag on for months and years.  Speaker Madigan should spare the citizens of Illinois by resigning immediately.  Should the federal probe of Governor Pritzker’s property tax fraud continue to escalate, we would expect him to do the same.

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  1. SPRINGFIELD – Hours after filing a court document implicating – but not charging – Illinois’ House Speaker Michael Madigan in a yearslong bribery scheme,=
    The history of corrupt people, corporations and The Democratic Party is second only to New Jersey. But it will continue as the Democrats have a lock on this state. The names of the ‘players’ may change but the corruption will continue.

  2. I think due to lack victories in the last 2 e!actions and Loss of congressional seats that we need new leadership. Chairman Tim Schneider needs to step down and time to change how the central committee is elected. With all the losses since they changed the way the ilgop leadership is elected has been an total failure. Time to allow the Il Republican state voters have our right to vote in the central committee. Illinois Democrat voters elect their central committee members in via primary election. So why us the Republican voters not given the same ability. Time to push for an total reform of Illinois Republican party so we can be once an clear choice from Democrat party. If we don’t we will keep losing future elections. Right now the current Republican party planks are an complete mystery. They stand for nothing. Time to reclaim the Republican party back from the Chicago machinary and liberal RINO’s.

  3. Sitting in a corner, sucking their thumbs.
    It’s no secret that for the last fifty years the Illinois Republican establishment has been content to catch the crumbs Madigan sweeps off the table, rather than making a grab for the entire cake.