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Rossi: Covid 19 and the Death of Common Sense



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By Randy Rossi –

Anybody that works hard to understand the facts about the COVID 19 “pandemic” has to be amazed to see how irrational so many people and so many of our state and local governments can still be now that we have so much hard data about COVID 19. And sadly this lack of common sense is causing massive and unnecessary pain for tens of millions of Americans.

When this COVID 19 pandemic first hit, we were told by the “experts” that 2.2 million Americans could die from it this year and the news media gave that 24X7 coverage so naturally most Americans got very scared which can cause an over-reaction. The tragedy is that within weeks, those  “experts” reduced their fatality forecast to 200,000 which is a 90.9% reduction but that reduction barely got covered by the news media. They continued to focus on the number of new cases and daily deaths which amped up fear.

As a result of that fear, 40 million Americans lost their jobs and all of our kids were kicked out of school for months. While having 200,000 Americans die from COVID 19 is a real tragedy, causing massive economic pain to over 40 million Americans by taking away their jobs has dramatically increased the number of deaths by suicide, drug overdoses, alcoholism, and domestic violence.

On top of that, science tells us that kids that miss school will suffer from depression, a loss of social skills, and damage to their educations that can last for a lifetime. Which is worse America, the tragic deaths of 200,000 Americans by COVID 19 or causing massive pain for 40 million adult Americans and 56 million kids in elementary school through high school? Which is worse, 200,000 deaths or massive pain and suffering for 96 million Americans?

So far as of today, 3,677,453 cases of COVID 19 and 140,888 deaths have been reported in America out of a population of over 330 million which equals 0.042%. Of course that is a tragedy, but let’s put that in perspective. In 2017-2018, there were 35 million cases of the annual flu reported and 80,000 Americans died from it. We did not close down our economy or close our schools because of the flu and we sure didn’t put 40 million Americans out of work. In 1968, 100,000 Americans died from the Hong Kong Flu out of a population of 205 million and yet we did not close down our economy or close our schools even though a bigger percentage of our population died from the Hong Kong Flu (0.048%) than have died from COVID 19 so far (0.042%). In 1958, an even higher percentage of Americans died from the Asian Flu (0.06%) than have died from COVID 19 so far today (0.042%). Yet we did not close down our economy or kick our kids out of school then either!

Here is where the common sense comes in. In the prior Hong Kong and Asian Flu “pandemics”, the deaths as a percentage of the population were even higher as a percent of the population than COVID 19. But we had the common sense back then not to multiply the horror of those deaths by shutting down our economy and putting all our kids out of school. Sadly today, common sense has been overridden by uninformed hysteria hyped by the “Fake News” and Democrats that want to hurt President Trump by slowing down our economy. Tragically, that is causing massive pain to 96 million Americans and dramatically increasing deaths by suicide, drug overdoses, alcoholism, and domestic violence because of that massive pain. If common sense ruled and if the American people were properly informed, they would never have approved of putting 40 million Americans out of work and kicking 56 million kids out of school.

Folks, it is just math and common sense. Hopefully we can put common sense back into control and stop this massive and unnecessary COVID 19 pain and suffering. And hopefully we can make those in the “Fake News” and those in the Democrat Party that hyped up this irrational fear and hysteria for political gain pay a very high price in the 2020 elections!


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