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The Largest 2nd Amendment Utilization In History Is About to Take Place and Good Thing Too




The 2nd Amendment wasn’t a mistake and you’re seeing why now.

Your leaders are failing you and would-be tyrants are walking the streets, destroying, looting, burning, and doing violence for reasons that can often be considered arbitrary. The same people that would conduct hostile takeovers of city blocks are calling for the thin blue line that stops them to be defunded or disbanded and elected leaders are caving to their demands.

They aren’t just caving to them, they’re making excuses. Sometimes even cheering for them.

Americans have been watching this unfold and while the silent majority may be silent, you can tell where it’s been by the crater-sized hole it’s left in the stock rooms of gun stores, and as such, you can probably tell where the silent majority’s thought process is.

According to the Free Beacon’s Stephen Gutowski, America is about to break a record for the most gun sales in history.



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