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Antioch, Illinois police dealing with violence threats after 17 year old accused killer is arrested



ANTIOCH – The Antioch Police Department says in a Facebook post Wednesday afternoon that it is aware that "social unrest" is being threatened for the northern Illinois town after a 17 year old resident was arrested today, accused of killing two protesters in Kenosha Tuesday night.

For Immediate Release Press Release- Community Notification Antioch, IL. – Wednesday, August 26, 2020 The recent…

Posted by Village of Antioch Police Department on Wednesday, August 26, 2020


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  1. Antioch police better have plans in order to handle this.
    In fact, ALL communities better have plans ready, because if Biden loses in November, I think we will see a LOT of this stuff, everywhere.

  2. Piece of garbage and his MOTHER. Mommy drove little militia boy all the way from Illinois to Wisconsin. Little militia boy from Illinois murders 2 people. Blows off the arm of a third…
    before you say it… skateboard person who was murdered while trying protect others was reacting to little militia boy’s blowing someones head off at point blank range….
    Little militia boy is the perfect example and proof the peaceful protest is being turned violent by WHITE SUPREMACIST TRASH…. like the readers of this RAG,

  3. I guess the anarchist, building-burning, looting thieves and arsonists with criminal records are preferable to YOU than honest working people?
    As you did to us, I’d call you a name, but you are BENEATH contempt.
    Self-defense is NOT “murder.”
    If you were an objective, reasoning person instead of an emotional JERK, you might understand that.