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IR Reader Opinion: Follow the Science and Reopen Schools




From Illinois Review reader Margaret McCarthy of Libertyville - 

An article by Dan O'Donnell on July 20, 2020, Follow the Science and Reopen the Schools, expressed how throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans have been told to "follow the science." Lockdowns and Social distancing requirements were necessary and justified if one would simply follow the science.

Science now suggests that reopening schools is justified and even needed, so why are so many politicians refusing to do so?

School children are statistically bullet-proof and are the least likely to spread COVID, unlike the regular flu where they are over 50% of the spreaders.  We don't shut down for the seasonal flu, which kills the elderly and sickly every year.  So it makes no sense to do it for COVID, especially for the healthy young who are the least affected.

If teachers are fearful of COVID, then they should quit and let younger teachers who are willing to take the risk take their places (and salaries, benefits, etc.).  When doctors, nurses were furloughed, they didn't get paid.  When the businesses closed and laid off workers, they didn't get paid.  Why are teachers more special than the private sector which generates the money to pay the taxes which pay their salaries?   No work, no pay.

My husband and I, as taxpayers taxpayers in Libertyville, pay 76.64% of their property tax bill for local education, including College of Lake County. If the school buildings, all state of the art, are not being used and the teachers are not going to be putting in a full day's work, then we taxpayers should be refunded the money that we fork out for all of that, minus the amount needed to fund the bond issues (which we never got to vote on).

In our case, it has been 35 years since we had any children in the school system. So we are no cost, but all gravy, for the people who use the system. We have valued public education when it was high quality back when our children attended the schools. I'm not certain that this is the case now with much time spent glorifying sexual deviancy, pushing erroneous climate change advocacy, turning out citizens who don't even love our blessed country and its constitutional freedoms.  I really resent spending our savings for no value in return.  Even more so that now half-hearted online teaching is substituting for in-person teaching.

Refund the non-obligated tax portion to all the taxpayers.  Let the parents of the school children  join together with friends, neighbors, and  use their refunds to pay for tutors for their children.  They can be in control of the curriculum, select the student group for compatibility — all pluses.

If you agree, let your school board members know what you think.

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